Inca Hospital nurse arrested for theft of morphine

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Inca Hospital nurse arrested for theft of morphine - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

It was realised that morphine at Inca Hospital had gone missing.


On Fridayare permitted if residents are fully vaccinated., the Guardia Civil arrested a nurse who works at Inca Hospital after a search of a flat in the centre of Inca led to the discovery of some two thousand doses of morphine.

An investigation started after the hospital realised that containers with morphine had gone missing. The hospital reported this to the Guardia Civil, whose investigation centred on the restricted number of hospital personnel who had access to the storage area for morphine. Procedures for access to and distribution of morphine are very strict. A main suspect was identified, and this resulted in Friday’s arrest.

The Guardia Civil believe that the drug was being sold on the black market for therapeutic treatment or to drug addicts. Investigators want to establish if the nurse, who is due to appear before a judgeThe country has enough doses and urged state governments to put an end to, had accomplices for selling the morphine. There have been similar cases on the mainland, with the drug having been sold via the internetThe U.S. Just different..

Both the Guardia Civil and the National Police have noted an increase in the illegal sale of opioid painkillers. They are often sold to people who suffer from great pain but cannot obtain prescriptions.

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