Storage method of the hottest wheat combine harves

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How to keep the idle wheat combine after the wheat harvest is a common concern of the owner. Here, provide some common sense of custody

The noise problem of the industrial site is reliably solved

1. Open the cover and shield on the wheat combine harvester to thoroughly clean the internal and external dust, straw, awn and weeds on the machine

2. Drive into the garage, discharge oil and cooling water. The newly added lubricating oil shall be dehydrated (heated to 110-150 ℃ until the foam disappears). Then correct the gear rod and gear; If the error cannot be eliminated Replace the gear rod and gear, rotate the crankshaft for several turns, and fill the whole lubrication system. Then wrap the air filter, exhaust pipe orifice, water tank cover and fuel tank cover with plastic cloth

3. Put the header on the wheat combine harvester on the prepared skid, jack up the axle with a jack, and support the cushion. Secondly, the energy density is low, and let the tire leave the ground. In order to reduce the pressure of inner tire pressure on outer tire, the tire pressure should be reduced to 0.05 MPa

4. Remove all belts (V-belts) and wipe them clean, apply talc powder, tie labels and store them in a cool and dry place if they can still be used after technical evaluation. If you want to hang it on the wall, try not to roll the belt

5. Remove the wooden bearing bush on the transmission chain and the document pursuer, wash the oil sludge, dig out the adhered oil, soak it in the engine oil for a day and night or soak it in anhydrous engine oil for 20-30 minutes, remove it, wait until the oil adhered to it drips, wrap it with kraft paper or plastic cloth respectively, and store it in a ventilated and dry room

6. According to the lubrication chart, use an oil gun to add butter to each lubrication point to lubricate all parts of the wheat combine

7. Remove the battery, keep it separately, and charge it once a month during the storage period. After charging, wipe the electrode and coat it with fantulin

8. Replace the severely worn and damaged parts. If there is nothing to replace at the moment, it should be marked and replaced before the next year's operation

9. He said to the paint falling part, do a good job of oiling and rust prevention

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