Storage period of the hottest fresh fish packaging

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The storage period of fresh fish packaging

the experimental results show that the vacuum packaging of fresh fish with low-density and medium density polyethylene plastic blocks and turntables should be free of damage and cracks. Although combined with cold storage, the storage period will not be long because of the high permeability of polyethylene. If it is packed with polyamide (nylon) or composite film, its storage life can be appropriately extended. It can be seen that the storage period of raw fish packaging is directly related to the gas permeability of packaging materials (mainly oxygen permeability and carbon dioxide permeability). Now, the plastic industry has provided the packaging industry with a variety of composite films with different insulation properties, which can meet the packaging requirements of different food characteristics. When choosing packaging materials, the cost of packaging materials should be properly considered

the relevant Danish authorities stipulate that fresh fish packaged in ports for sale in supermarkets must have a storage period of more than two days, or must be sold within two days. In the UK, the "toeey" Institute and the competent department of "white fish" put forward the standard that the packaging shelf life of fresh fish, which the country attaches great importance to the building materials industry, should reach 3-4 days

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