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Storage and transportation of organic oolong tea

1. Storage

(1) the storage of organic tea must comply with the relevant provisions of the food hygiene law of the people's Republic of China. It is forbidden for organic tea products to come into contact with chemical synthetic substances, or with toxic, harmful, smelly and polluting substances

(2) the warehouse storing organic tea requires cleaning and moisture-proof. The phase I Industrial Park of ceramic aluminum new materials in the city has a production capacity of 500000 ceramic aluminum high-performance pistons, 260000 sets of automobile lightweight parts and 5000 tons of ceramic aluminum new materials, which is protected from light and odor, and kept ventilated and dry. The surrounding environment should be clean and far away from the polluted area

(3) organic tea and conventional tea products must be stored separately, and special warehouses should be set up as far as possible. Products with different batch numbers, dates and marks should be stored separately. Strict warehouse management files should be established

(4) the warehouse should be equipped with dehumidifiers, and it is advocated to store organic tea at low temperature, nitrogen filling or vacuum

(5) keep the organic tea warehouse clean and do a good job in rat, insect and mold prevention. Smoking and spitting are prohibited, and the use of synthetic insecticides and rodenticides is strictly prohibited

2. Transportation

(1) the tools for transporting organic tea must be clean, dry and free of odor. It is strictly prohibited to mix and transport with toxic, harmful, smelly and easily polluted items

(2) before shipment, the quality of organic tea must be checked, and it can be transported only when the label, article number and goods are consistent. Fill in the organic tea transportation document by the end of 2015, which should be legible, correct in content and complete in items

(3) the transportation package must be firm, tidy, moisture-proof, and comply with the packaging regulations of organic tea. There should be obvious transportation signs at both ends of the transportation package, including: the name of the departure station and the arrival station, the name, weight, number of pieces of tea, the address of the receiving and shipping unit, etc

(4) during transportation, the valve and piston must be closed by the pressure of stable, rain proof, moisture-proof and sun proof oil. Load and unload with care to prevent collision and damage

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