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Storage of petroleum products sales system

in addition to large storage tanks, there are a certain number of barreled oil warehouses in petroleum products sales system, especially in medium and small cities, some factories and mining enterprises, and all kinds of large, medium and small oil depots. There are a large number of small varieties of products in barreled storage, which brings certain difficulties to safe production. The reliability of simple barrel storage is relatively poor. If it is not prevented, it will lead to fire and casualties

in the process of oil barrel handling and stacking, the forklift inserts the oil barrel, and the medium leaks and flows into the space to form an explosive gas mixture. In case of open fire or flows onto the non explosion-proof forklift circuit or exhaust pipe, it may lead to fire and explosion accidents; Accidents may also be caused by the collapse of barrel stacks and the leakage and falling off of vacuum suction cups. Medium leakage in the oil drum stacking yard will also cause environmental pollution, and proximity to the fire source will cause combustion and explosion. In summer, accidents such as high temperature exposure and oil drum bursting also occur frequently, which must be paid enough attention. The key points of safety technology for key parts are described as follows

first, some metals in the warehouse will produce "physical yield" phenomenon. Safety facilities

(1) the fire resistance rating of the warehouse used to store barrels of oil products should meet the requirements of the code for design of oil depots and the code for fire protection design of buildings. Underground or semi underground storage rooms are not allowed

(2) the warehouse shall be equipped with at least two outward opening doors, and the door width shall not be less than 2m. The sloping threshold should be 0.15m higher than the indoor floor and made of non combustible materials

(3) the warehouse can rely on natural ventilation, but the roof should be equipped with an air extractor or hood. Cold proof baffles should be added to the air ducts in cold areas. The concentration of oil and gas in the warehouse should be controlled below 300mg/m3

(4) semi fixed fire-fighting facilities should be used in the warehouse. Fire hydrants with anti freezing measures should be installed within 40m from the side of the warehouse. The water supply capacity of the fire hydrants can be calculated and configured according to 15L/s

(5) when storing class A and class B oil products, one 8kg dry powder or five 9L foam can be set per 90m2 building area to extinguish the fire, and the builder of Maozhan refining and chemical base can be started first, and it should meet the requirements of the current national standard "code for design of extinguisher configuration in buildings" during 1035. Every 300m2 warehouse shall also be equipped with iool. Two wheeled foam fire extinguishers or 70kg wheeled dry powder fire extinguishers. For every 300m2 building area, 2 0.5m3 sand boxes, 5 shovel and 5 pieces of asbestos felt shall be set at suitable positions. When the area increases, the number shall increase accordingly

(6) large and important barreled warehouses should be equipped with automatic alarm, communication, accident lighting and other facilities. The lighting and other electrical switches and facilities in the warehouse shall meet the corresponding explosion-proof requirements

(7) when the barreled warehouse is set up separately and stored separately, when the heavy barrels of class A and class B oil products are stored in the same warehouse with the heavy barrels of class C oil products, firewalls should be used to separate them

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