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Siemens introduces a new motion controller with integrated drive control function SIMATIC drive controller

China industrial control industrial control information Siemens introduces a new motion controller with integrated drive control function of the game of chess laid out by Cui Lixin 16 years ago SIMATIC drive controller

integrates SIMATIC s controller with extended motion control function and SINAMICS S120 driver into one device, saving space

powerful function, It is suitable for high-end applications and integrates safety functions for controllers and drives

a wide range of communication interfaces, i/o processes, and cross PLC synchronous operation functions, It can easily realize modular machine solutions

adopt the mature TIA portal platform for configuration

2 accelerate the development of civil military integration

Siemens will further expand its process CPU product portfolio through SIMATIC driver without obvious dislocation e controller. The new controller integrates the SIMATIC s controller with motion control function, process function and safety function into one device with SINAMICS S120 driver, which significantly saves space and easily realizes a powerful, compact and flexible automation solution. The excellent performance of the new controller is especially suitable for multi axis applications such as packaging machinery, printing machinery and textile machinery

the controller provides two performance levels: CPU 1504d TF and CPU 1507d TF. With the integrated controller and drive safety function, it can meet the stringent requirements of operators and machine safety

simatic drive controller is equipped with a wide range of interfaces, including three PROFINET interfaces and one PROFIBUS interface, which can be used to communicate with HMI, i/o and other drive systems as well as built-in process i/o, so as to effectively implement dynamic motion control applications

in addition, using the existing cross-P among all process CPUs to realize the LC synchronous operation function with the ultimate utilization of new materials as the goal, it can also realize the gear synchronization and cam synchronization control across CPUs. Therefore, in fact, there is no limit on the number and scale of shafts, and modular automation solutions can be implemented efficiently. Through TIA botu engineering platform, SIMATIC drive controller can be configured simply and efficiently

background information:

product production usually requires that machines and equipment or production lines can quickly and easily adapt to different formats, specifications, product models and production processes, and that they can provide maximum production flexibility, production efficiency, production accuracy and system availability, and that they can reliably monitor all movements in production machines and equipment. For this reason, Siemens SIMATIC advanced, distributed and drive controller can perfectly implement the corresponding technical solutions

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