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Siemens automates Renault diesel engine production line

Renault factory in Cl é on, France produces engines and gearboxes with excellent performance and quality. The newly developed 2.0dci product is the first diesel engine with promising growth prospects developed by Renault and Nissan Alliance. It is currently widely accepted as a reference model for similar products

this time, Renault also invested in the modern production line of crankshafts and cranks. This production line includes CNC machinery manufacturing center, and the specific information is shown in the following article: conveyor way, grinding, metal grinding and washing machinery, lathe and portable equipment for portable machines and intermediate buffers. All subsystems are highly automated, and only one person is required for maintenance and operation of each complete production line

this time, Renault factory chose the powertrain self-test machine provided by Siemens to record the force dynamic system solution required for tearing along the long axis. The solution package optimized by Renault includes sinumerik840dcnc control with the ability to manage the system at the Summit Forum on the application of new materials and new technologies for rubber and plastic cables with a wide range of machinery and materials held in March. The system includes a safety integration package, so that the equipment speed and downtime can be safely monitored, and the working area and dangerous area can be clearly distinguished. All safety signals and internal logical connections can be directly connected internally

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