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Siemens and Aoxing promote the digital transformation of China's pharmaceutical industry

Siemens and Aoxing pharmaceutical equipment (Shijiazhuang) Co., Ltd. (Aoxing) signed a strategic cooperation agreement today to jointly promote the digital factory solution in China's pharmaceutical industry, fully introduce Siemens' cloud based IOT operating system mindsphere in Aoxing, and build an industrial interconnection ecosystem of the pharmaceutical industry around mindsphere. Aoxing will become the first pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer in China to access Siemens mindsphere. In addition, Aoxing has developed the first application of Aoxing device management system based on mindsphere, which is committed to helping pharmaceutical enterprises mine data value and significantly improve device availability. This is also the first mindsphere application developed by Siemens' Chinese pharmaceutical industry partners

Siemens' digital enterprise solutions can help enterprises shorten product development cycle, improve production efficiency, produce flexible insulation material testing machine accessories and improve product quality. Digitalization has become the only way for the pharmaceutical industry to win future competition, and Aoxing is the pioneer on this road. Anxiaojie, senior vice president and general manager of the digital industry group of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., said that our cooperation with Aoxing has been renewed for a long time, from automation to digitalization, from equipment procurement to the exploration of new business models. Facing the open and interconnected era of industrial IOT, we look forward to working with our partners to create a digital future for the pharmaceutical industry

the cooperation between Siemens and Aoxing began in 2006. The two sides have maintained a long-term and stable partnership and friendship through cooperation in many important projects (2) microcomputer system: Taking Lenovo brand microcomputer (including host, 17 inch LCD, standard keyboard and mouse, and large capacity hard disk) as the host. Aoxing is also a global solution supplier for Siemens' pharmaceutical industry. Heguoqiang, President of Aoxing group, said: I sincerely thank Siemens for its full cooperation with Aoxing group in the past ten years. Nowadays, digitalization has become a hot topic in the pharmaceutical industry. Aoxing will combine its professional and high-quality resources in the pharmaceutical industry on pharmaceutical equipment, automation integration and verification services, and work with Siemens to reach strategic cooperation on digitalization and mindsphere industrial cloud. I believe that the new cooperation will create new value for the future pharmaceutical industry. Let's meet the digital transformation together with Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises

Siemens announced at the 2019 Hannover Industrial Expo that the official version of its IOT operating system mindsphere was successfully deployed and put into operation on Alibaba cloud on April 1. Mindsphere can provide pharmaceutical enterprises with a wide range of data connection options, rich applications and advanced data analysis capabilities to help them innovate with advanced industrial solutions. Relying on its profound industry background and market influence, Aoxing will work with Siemens to help customers in the pharmaceutical industry open up the whole value chain of the enterprise. Its first application, Aoxing device management system, can carry out remote operation and maintenance of the device by collecting the status data of the client device, and realize functions such as predictive maintenance

Aoxing group was founded in 1991 and headquartered in Beijing, China. The wrong interface may damage the equipment;, It is a leading supplier of engineering solutions for high-end and integrated services and products in China. Aoxing group provides high-end integrated engineering solutions for customers to set up production facilities and build a clean environment. The solutions of Aoxing group cover fluid and biological process system, clean room and automatic control and monitoring system, powder solid system and GMP compliance services, which can assist customers in the key stages of the drug life cycle (from research, development, pilot plant, commercial production to product launch)

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