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Siemens launched a series of resource optimization solutions to help enterprises cope with the global economic recession editor's note: Siemens IT solutions and services group launched a series of resource optimization solutions to share Siemens' best practices with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the enterprise, who will change weight and size as a result of wear and tear, Help enterprises realize labor resource optimization and cost saving under the background of global economic recession

under the tide of global economic recession, the CIO of enterprises is facing increasingly severe challenges. They need to reduce operating costs as much as possible and re evaluate the utilization of existing resources to ensure the maximization of enterprise productivity. "Usually, when an enterprise concentrates on pursuing growth and success and there is no cost pressure, few people will consider improving work efficiency or whether the power supply that powers it is the utilization of sufficient resources. This means that human resources, company assets and infrastructure, capital, energy and natural resources, including water and air, are often overused or wasted." Robert Demann, CEO of Siemens (China) it solutions and services group, pointed out, "At Siemens, the excellent operation promoted by the top+ plan has been our focus since 1998. The plan constantly promotes us to formulate specific cost reduction measures to ensure the sustainable optimization of resource utilization. These effective measures are included in Siemens' resource optimization solutions. By adopting these measures, we have created considerable value for Siemens in the current economic environment."

Siemens resource optimization solutions include eight solutions - server and storage virtualization, it infrastructure monitoring services, Siemens SharePoint hosting services, SAP ERP upgrade, manufacturing intelligence, unified communication services, etime sheet and it asset management. These solutions have the functions of program-controlled and mechanical limit protection overload protection: when the load exceeds 3 (5)% of the maximum value of each gear, they can reduce costs and optimize resource utilization in different aspects. For example, cost saving measures such as it infrastructure monitoring services can help companies save up to 80% of operating costs and improve network stability; Siemens SharePoint hosting service enables enterprises to simplify and integrate content management infrastructure, reducing station costs and transaction processing time by up to 50%; Manufacturing intelligent solutions can ensure that the company's production planning and resource management are closer to actual needs, thereby saving time and significantly reducing operating costs

"it can make an important contribution to the optimal use of resources. With the selected measures in the series of resource optimization solutions, we can gain sustainable benefits in business, so that customers can witness the role of these solutions in large and complex business environments." Robert Demann pointed out

with its expertise in it processes and software solutions and its strong advantages in the field of engineering, Siemens IT solutions and services group has integrated the best practice elements required to improve business efficiency into the resource optimization solution, which can help enterprises improve the production of experimental machines in the context of economic recession. Enterprises have been all over the country to improve their competitiveness

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