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Siemens launched the packaging industry application library to easily realize the engineering design of packaging machinery

Siemens recently launched the packaging industry application library, which can now be fully used in the SIMATIC s controller in the TIA portal engineering platform, providing users with a wealth of packaging industry application software. These software applications can be integrated into existing or new device applications and program modules. The application library supports international standards such as OMAC, packml and Weihenstephan, said manager rimara. By adding or modifying function blocks, users can adjust them according to personalized requirements. At the same time, with the help of tested functions and software solutions, engineering and debugging time can be significantly saved

the application library of the packaging industry includes basic functions, exclusive process functions and international standards. Typical basic functions include axis control, tcp/ip communication, aperiodic communication and alarm 4 Please check the reflection of the photoelectric sensor before the experiment. Through the intelligent belt process function, products arriving in sequence can be transported and placed in corresponding stations in groups. Intelligent infeed can convey continuous but irregular products and send them to the downstream station with defined equal clearance. The application library of form, fill and seal includes the overall coordination function of a huge wheel loaded with a grand blueprint in horizontal or vertical applications, which is rotating forward, foil feeder, metering device and sealing machine

simatic CpG template (consumer packaging) adopts TIA portal project structure, modular design, and meets the requirements of international packaging standards, so as to provide intuitive and tested project reference for machine manufacturers to set the differences between metal and non-metal tensile tests, and provide end customers with a standardized interface that can be easily integrated into the production line. The OMAC software library has an OMAC compliant mode and state manager

in addition, it also provides motion control applications for handling equipment, paper processing toolbox and multi slider transportation system (MCS) applications based on linear motor

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