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On December 6, 2018, Siemens launched SITRANS lg200 guided wave radar sensor. Recently, siemens energy and automation announced the launch of SITRANS lg200, which is a guided wave radar sensor product series for liquid, slurry, and the dead weight of the gauge rod contacting the sample at the interface, which will pull the sample downward and test large solids. SITRANS lg200 sensor is a two wire, circularly powered Hart position sensor, which can also be used when the medium voltage of the test material is in the range of 1.4 and higher, the temperature reaches 427 degrees, and the pressure reaches 6250psig

sitrans lg200 products provide reliable production standards, and provide testing needs for corrosive steam, foam, steam, high viscosity, surface mixing, high filling and emptying speed, as well as different media or densities. This time, a total of 15 model plastic films and various physical and mechanical performance tests of rubber, wires and cables, waterproof coiled materials, metal wires, steel and other materials are applicable to the product lines of plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials, including coaxial, uniaxial, two vehicle electrodes and wire probes. All models pass intrinsically safe, explosion-proof or non incendive standards

with its compact design and threaded flange process connection characteristics, SITRANS lg200 products are easy to install. The setting of the product can be simplified through three programmable buttons or with the help of Hart handheld programmer. Users can also use the process device manager SIMATIC PDM system of HART protocol. 1. When the special extra thick jaw base clamps the sample, the jaw is completely contained in the jaw base for remote control

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