The hottest robot makes Swiss chocolate sweeter

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Robots make Swiss chocolate sweeter

chocolate Frey, a Swiss chocolate manufacturer, has gained huge benefits by adopting a new high-speed robot packaging production line that can cope with 40 different packaging specifications every day. Chocolate is the symbol of Switzerland. Chocolat Frey, which started as a small family workshop, has now become the largest chocolate manufacturer in Switzerland and is widely known in this country. Nevertheless, Chocolat Frey strives to ensure product quality and authentic taste

flexible system

the new packaging production line is provided by Sigpack Systems AG, Bosch's packaging technology company. In this production line, eight delta robots put chocolate into foam boxes and then foam boxes into cartons, reducing the amount of manual work in the chocolate Frey factory. Because it has become a giant# 36807; Chocolat Frey, the packaging robot of Sigpack systems, is confident in buying a new production line and has high expectations for the new production line. Andrew Ettlin, project manager of Chocolat Frey, explained, "one of the main considerations in choosing Sigpack systems is that we can adapt to the new packaging specifications simply by modifying the software system. This simplicity enables us to quickly and calmly respond to the new needs of the market." The flexibility of the equipment allows the processing of chocolate of many different shapes and sizes, but the research and production technology is not mature and the foam box

coordinated and reasonable comprehensive design

how to clean the new robot production line and the existing inverted metallographic microscope? Carton packaging machine, sealing machine and other machine integration problems. In operation, the packaging box moves from a foam box baler to the robot packaging line. A highly advanced vision system recognizes chocolate and foam boxes and transmits their position information to the robot's motion controller to ensure that each robot accurately grabs products and places them in the correct position in the foam box. Choose the right suction head is this application into left# 20851; Key. Adept technology, which has been a supplier of Sigpack systems for 20 years, provides vision systems and motion controllers

when the foam box is full, it is loaded into the paper box and placed under a robot module. Cartons are provided by existing cardboard packaging machines. The filled foam box is recognized by the optical processing system, and then it is picked up by the robot an with new ideas and continuous innovation and placed in the box. The handling of foam boxes has strict requirements on transmission, and a special tool specially developed for filled chocolate foam boxes is needed. The same tool is also used to put padding in the box before sealing. This tool, developed by Sigpack engineers, uses high air volume instead of high vacuum, and combines a soft material to make the clamping tool grasp the foam box

delta robot puts an independent cover on the box or folds a cover connected to the box body to the closed position, and the packaging is completed. Manual packaging is still needed for products with little demand. Therefore, when deciding the equipment layout, we must establish the correct combination and balance between automatic and manual. "It is uneconomical to use full-automatic packaging for small batch product specifications," said Bernard Fenner, vice president of marketing at Sigpack systems. "A coordinated and reasonable comprehensive design must be the main consideration when purchasing this type of equipment."

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