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Qinchuan group: the development of robot reducers accelerated

just before the opening of the 16th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (cimt2019), good news came from Qinchuan group: the production and sales of Qinchuan BX robot reducers increased in the first quarter of this year, with a year-on-year increase of 141% in operating revenue, and the production capacity reached 3500 units per month

since the fourth quarter of 2018, Qinchuan group has further rationalized the production process of reducers, optimized product processes, and strictly implemented lean production management. The production capacity of reducers has increased significantly, with nearly doubled growth. With the gradual implementation of technological transformation of process equipment, the commissioning of digital production lines has been completed, especially the construction of a production base with a capacity of 180000 units is advancing rapidly, and BX reducers are becoming a new growth pole for the high-quality development of Qinchuan group

overcome the core technology and form a series of products

relying on more than 50 years of experience in technical process research and equipment manufacturing of complex surfaces represented by gears, Qinchuan group adheres to innovation in integrity, gives play to the spillover effect of host technology, appropriately expands downstream functional components, makes scale and creates benefits. BX robot joint reducer is one of the representatives

the design of robot body comes from the customization research and development of different working conditions, which determines the personalized customization characteristics of the joint reducer matched with the robot. Technical experts from the transmission Institute of Qinchuan Institute of Technology said that our reducer digital forward design platform is built to meet the customized needs of users. The role of the platform is to provide users with solutions, so that the design of reducer can quickly meet the market needs of many varieties and fast replacement, and realize the digital production and service of reducer products

experts from the Intelligence Institute of Qinchuan Institute of technology introduced that the digital forward design platform adopts internationally advanced gear transmission system design software and other means. First, the digital modeling, assembly and virtual prototype simulation of reducer products are carried out according to the load spectrum, and the design, processing, assembly, test and other data of the prototype are analyzed and optimized to form digital reducer products; The second step is to carry out the robot operation test, vibration analysis, motion simulation, attitude adjustment and other work, and obtain the relevant data of the reducer; The third step is to optimize and readjust the digital forward design virtual prototype through the test results, so as to reduce the number of tests, shorten the test process, and improve the level of new product development. If the reducer of the same type adopts the traditional design method, it will take 3 months, and the use of this platform can be shortened to 1 week. The expert said

the technical team of Qinchuan group has overcome many key core technologies such as high transmission accuracy, high torsional rigidity, high overload capacity, over positioning structure and interference transmission of the reducer, and developed three series of products, including bx-e/c/f, with a total of 19 models and 85 specifications, which meet the matching needs of 5kg to 800kg robots. The products have realized digital production and formed digital twins, namely, physical goods + data package services

the data package of Qinchuan joint reducer includes internal data package and external data package. The internal data package is the geometric or geometric tolerance dimension of parts and components selected to meet the performance of the reducer; External data package is provided to users for robot setting, testing, simulation and other related data. The company's gear technology experts said that Qinchuan's data package can be used for users (robot factory) to carry out structural mechanical simulation and modal analysis of the whole machine. Due to the new generation of rapid reaction chemical raw materials, dynamic response analysis and feedforward compensation, as well as robot calibration, etc

at the same time, as Qinchuan robot joint reducer stands out in the market, Qinchuan group, which has the voice in this field, is responsible for drafting the standard of precision cycloidal planetary gear reducer for robots. The formulation of this standard has further established the company's industry leading position

R & D of complete sets of equipment helps rapid development

data show that the total demand for industrial robot reducers in China in 2018 exceeded 470000 units, and the incremental demand is expected to exceed 600000 units in 2019. During the two sessions this year, intelligence + was mentioned in the government work report, indicating that the combination of artificial intelligence and robots has further deepened, once again providing favorable conditions for the development and expansion of domestic robots

as the most concerned core technology commanding height of localization, robot reducer has always been a must for Chinese enterprises, but at present, there are only a few domestic enterprises that can achieve mass production of reducer

in order to meet the market demand and break down technical barriers, Qinchuan group has developed mk2336, vg80, qyf007, qyf007t, qmk017 and other special processing equipment for the key processes of cycloid gear, needle gear housing, eccentric shaft, planetary carrier and planetary gear. Independently designed and manufactured a test-bed for testing the transmission accuracy, backlash, efficiency, temperature rise, vibration, noise, torsional stiffness, life and other main indicators of the reducer. At the same time, Qinchuan group cooperates with Bosch Rexroth of Germany to jointly design and manufacture bx5+1 intelligent production line (i.e. five key parts production lines and a digital machine assembly line), of which the key equipment of the production line is independently developed and manufactured by Qinchuan

for example, the digital complete machine assembly line is composed of several workstations and delivery systems. The line integrates sensor detection technology, Fred technology, error proofing technology, network communication technology, etc., which not only enables the physical reducer to achieve lean production, but also forms personalized data packets such as product parameters and performance, which can provide users with complete services of physical + data packets. Qinchuan intelligent manufacturing technicians introduced that the production line has obvious flexible assembly characteristics by combining the quality traceability system, pallet conveying system, execution device, production information display and other control means such as distributed assembly, distributed detection, workpiece positioning and storage

recently, the national strong foundation engineering expert said after visiting and investigating that it is difficult to find an enterprise like Qinchuan in China with many specifications, high precision, mass production and strong comprehensive strength of service in robot reducer

implement lean production to meet market demand

since the successful research and development of BX robot joint reducer, Qinchuan BX reducer has been in short supply. In order to improve efficiency, expand production capacity and continuously meet market demand, the company strictly implements lean management, adheres to goal orientation, continuously improves manufacturing process flow, refines process cost management, improves equipment management and use level, and ensures that the output and quality of products are greatly improved

process planning and value stream analysis based on lean management are the characteristic advantages of Qinchuan BX robot reducer, which can achieve the precision production management required by soft packaging by adopting 1-screw and trapezoidal screw without floppy disk. Around this advantage, the company implemented capacity planning and upgrading project. At the production site, a vice factory of Qinchuan robot factory introduced that, first of all, in terms of the processing technology of key parts, a number of advanced processes were implemented, and a number of key research project teams were established to improve the efficiency by times on the premise of ensuring the quality; Secondly, optimize the workshop logistics, ensure the orderly flow and timely arrival of parts in the processing process, and improve the flow speed of parts; The third is to centralize the management of finishing equipment, improve the utilization rate of equipment, accelerate the turnover speed of parts, and realize the improvement of production capacity

guided by the goal of mass production and quality improvement, the company is forced to carry out management. The company continues to improve production capacity and quality by refining process cost management, controlling inter process costs, and improving process efficiency. Only by optimizing the machining allowance, adjusting the self inspection and special inspection items in the assembly process, and reducing the inspection time, the process efficiency will be increased by 35% on average

in the process of meeting the market demand, the company also established a rapid response mechanism, formulated and implemented the workshop rapid response and upgrade reporting process, formulated the monthly commodity production plan, monthly parts processing plan and monthly production preparation plan according to the market demand within the scope of the production operation plan indicators, organized production, strictly controlled the input of blanks and WIP inventory, and improved the turnover rate, Reduce the inventory of semi-finished products and gradually shift to the mode of demand driven production

Qinchuan BX reducer has won the best robot parts award of China robot industry alliance for many times, such as the good product award of robot reducer. At present, the number of users of the product at home and abroad has exceeded 260, and the batch orders of some important customers continue to increase. According to this line, mouse data can be used on the experimental curve; Industry experts said that while carrying and extending the company's traditional technology, Qinchuan robot joint reducer business also nurtures and leads the innovation and upgrading of the enterprise's core technology, and is bound to become a pioneer in the high-quality development of the robot reducer industry

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