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Robots make future automation simpler - KUKA releases a new generation of robot products

on August 5, 2011, KUKA company (KUKA), one of the world's top industrial robot manufacturers in Changchun, Jilin Province, held a grand launch of KUKA's new generation of robot products in Changchun. KUKA's new generation of robot products include Quantec robot series, Kr C4 robot controller, smartpad operation panel and rkvisual software platform, which will make automation easier in the future

Gerhard m ller, customer service director of KUKA Asia Pacific region (left), and Mun Chee Yin, CEO of KUKA robot (Shanghai), delivered a welcome speech

this is the second stop of KUKA's new generation robot product launch and national tour. The event was officially launched in Shanghai in early June this year, and will be held in Chongqing and Guangzhou. Through these activities, KUKA will convey to local customers the advantages of its new generation of robots, which are simple, safe and energy-saving. Gerhard m ller, customer service director of KUKA Asia Pacific, Mun Chee Yin, CEO of KUKA robot (Shanghai), zoutao, COO of KUKA robot (Shanghai), and Werner angerer, product manager of KUKA robot attended the event

Werner angerer, product manager of KUKA robot, introduced KUKA's new products

KUKA always pays close attention to the changes in the market, listens to the voices of customers, and actively responds to their needs. Werner angerer said that we have long been committed to simplifying robots in all directions. The new generation of robot products will make future automation simpler: easier to plan, easier to integrate, easier to operate, easier to maintain, and easier to meet special application needs

Germany KUKA company (KUKA) held a new generation of KUKA robot product launch in Changchun

simple and compact: KUKA Quantec robot series with a complete variety

the new Quantec series has a complete range of models, including 15 basic types of robots, and provides various configurations to ensure that there is always a robot that can meet the specific application needs of customers. So far, the KUKA robot family has covered all high load robots with a load capacity of 90 to 300 kg and a maximum range of action of 2500 to 3100 mm for the first time

compact and portable

quantec series robots can reduce the weight by 160 kg and the volume by 25%, while maintaining the maximum scope of action and load capacity. Therefore, even if the external wall external insulation system meets the energy-saving standard, it leads the market with high power density. Among the products at the same level, the Quantec series is the most compact, which reduces the space requirements and can face new potential application fields, even in narrow space. This series of high load robots can even complete the work of compact unit layout

fast and accurate

the lightweight components of the Quantec series can make the robot more agile, shorter operation cycle, and more robust. The new robot series is therefore impressive with extremely high accuracy and repetitive positioning accuracy (+/- 0.06 mm)

excellent design

quantec robot series adopts the concept of conventional components with four groups of different motors and transmission devices. Like the previous series, the bases of all models of Quantec robots have the same installation dimensions, and the six axis tool flanges also adopt the same installation dimensions. Therefore, the Quantec series is fully compatible with the unit layout of the 2000 series. The design of the Quantec series is characterized by a streamlined contour and a compact wrist shaft that can work freely in a narrow space

quantec series includes the following four product lines:

Quantec ultra has a payload capacity of 300 kg, Quantec prime has a payload capacity of 240 kg, which is used in the field of spot welding, etc.

Quantec extra has a payload capacity of 210 kg versatile robot

Quantec Pro has a payload capacity of 120 kg

simple and safe: Kr C4 integrated solution

Kr C4 is a collection of robot control, motion control A control system integrating logic control and process control. Moreover, the entire safety controller is seamlessly integrated into the Kr C4 control system, which means that Kr C4 can perform all tasks at once. In the new control system, KUKA systematically abandoned the special hardware with great restrictions on use, and replaced it with software functions. Its core idea is absolute openness and high compatibility in the future, so that Kr C4 can communicate directly between single control modules

create a future control system

by systematically abandoning the special hardware with great use restrictions and replacing it with common open industry standards, such as multi-core processor and Ethernet technology, Kr C4 shows excellent performance and unlimited development potential. According to these technologies, Ethernet Based Fieldbus systems, such as PROFINET or ethernet/ip, can be easily integrated into software functions. In this way, the concept of Kr C4 can automatically benefit from the rapid development and rapid improvement of performance in the future. As a software function, this new systematic method can reduce the number of hardware modules by 35% and the number of connectors and cables by 50% in the implementation of the control process

safety escort

for the first time, the whole safety controller is seamlessly integrated into the Kr C4 control system without any special hardware. All security functions and security oriented communication are implemented based on Ethernet protocol. The safety concept of Kr C4 is centered on multi-core processor technology, which can ensure a dual channel system to achieve safe applications. In addition, the system not only has the monitoring function, but also can safely control the motion and speed of the robot. KR C4 discards the special hardware components with great use restrictions, and its software based security interface has infinite scalability, which paves the way for the implementation of revolutionary and brand-new automated security concepts. These require a lot of data input and output, and the architecture of Kr C4 enables KUKA to flexibly integrate all these

the new KUKA smartpad operation panel

the weight of KUKA smartpad is only 1kg, which can not only provide proven operation control components, such as 6D mouse, but also provide users with a series of new and humanized functions, such as configuring USB ports, so that users can store and load data directly on the control panel. In general, smartpad uses an 8.4-inch touch screen with large size, high definition, anti reflection and few control keys. Compared with the previous operation keys, the operation panel can easily control the eight axes without switching back and forth

simple and consistent: the modular structure of rkvisual software architecture integrates all steps of a project into the same source software environment. It can be used as a planning tool for work unit configuration and a general programming environment. From planning to programming to optimization, workvisual simplifies all automation tasks by configuring a unified appearance for all tools. Compared with MS office, workvisual has a standard user interface and menu navigation, which can bring more convenience to users in aspects such as copying, pasting, dragging and dropping code segments. In addition, the consistency and consistency of data can be ensured based on cross program catalog and project data. With these decisive advantages, when these functions are run in the background, the program code has passed the logic test. This also means that all errors of the project will be eliminated in the bud

about KUKA robot group

KUKA robot Co., Ltd., located in Augsburg, is subordinate to KUKA Co., Ltd. The company is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial robots. The core strength of the enterprise is to develop, produce and sell industrial robots, control systems, software programs and linear slides. The company is the market leader in Germany and Europe, ranking third in the world

globally, KUKA robot group has about 2000 employees. Among them, about 1100 employees work in KUKA robot group in Germany. In 2010, the company's turnover reached 435.7 million euros. The company has 25 subsidiaries, which are distributed in important markets in Europe, America and Asia

about KUKA robot (Shanghai)

KUKA robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in 20 years and its operation is simple. KUKA's annual output of industrial robots exceeds that of xt910, and more than 15000 Kevlar fibers are used in the rear shell. So far, more than 150000 industrial robots have been installed in the world. The company produces five axis and six axis robots with a payload capacity of 3kg to 1000kg, with a working range of 635mm to 3900mm, all controlled by a computer-based control platform

KUKA robots are widely used in instrument, automobile, aerospace, consumer products, logistics, food, pharmaceutical, medical, foundry, plastic and other industries. It is mainly used in material processing, machine tool loading, assembly, packaging, stacking, welding, surface finishing and other fields

KUKA cooperates with excellent experts in various industries to provide customers with the best solutions. Product integrators have also shown great interest in graphene through KUKA's partners, governments at all levels, and have extensive cooperation with KUKA. At the same time, KUKA also works closely with the machinery manufacturing industry, system partners and innovative end users, which is also one of the secrets of KUKA's success. KUKA will make persistent efforts, constantly surpass itself, and provide customers with more perfect solutions to achieve greater success

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