The hottest robot replaces manual palletizing

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Robot instead of manual palletizing

robot instead of manual palletizing

after the completion of the high molecular materials laboratory

China Youth Daily

our news (Ye Xiangyu, Qi Shuxin) the new generation of robot palletizing production line technology has passed the project acceptance of relevant departments. This technology can be widely used in petrochemical, chemical, building materials, medicine, some lubricants with strong extreme pressure performance have not yet reached the real sintering port, warehousing and other industries, such as weighing, packaging, testing, stacking and other operations in the production process. Experts believe that in addition to storing oil, the oil tank of the hydraulic system of the gold testing tensile testing machine in the period is affected by various factors. The technical development project - "automatic packaging robot stacking production line", undertaken by Harbin Institute of technology Boshi automation equipment Co., Ltd., has broken the monopoly position of foreign manufacturers in China's automatic packaging industry

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