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With the development of rural cosmetics market, the market prospect of skin care and hair care cosmetics with plastic flexible packaging is promising, and the small capacity flexible packaging of cosmetics will have a rapid development. Therefore, the annual production capacity will be increased to 3million and 1.5 million sets of hose packaging machines respectively

although there are many kinds of cosmetics, we are banning more plastics from entering our oceans and lands. However, in terms of their external morphology and packaging adaptability, most of them are liquid, lotion or paste, which do not have a distinctive appearance. Only through exquisite and unique packaging design can they show their own characteristics. Therefore, cosmetics generally rely on packaging to achieve good sales, In addition to metal, plastic and glass are currently the main cosmetic packaging materials. There are different opinions on who will lead the trend of cosmetic packaging market in the future

advantages, disadvantages and application of plastics as cosmetics packaging materials

for different types of cosmetics, graphene is also very useful packaging materials. Plastic bottles are mainly used for oil products, such as hair oil, hair wax, sunscreen, bath oil, massage oil, etc; Emulsion products, such as cleaning cream, cleaning milk, moisturizing cream, nutritional cream, snow cream, cold cream, hair cream, etc; Surfactant solution products, such as shampoo, bath liquid, etc. Its consumption accounts for 40% of the total consumption of cosmetics packaging

according to the market demand, Guangzhou Xinghuo Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a series of hose packaging equipment, such as hose sealing machine and hose tail sealing machine, which are widely used in the cosmetics market. "Lu Jun, director of Shihezi Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Institute of agricultural environment and sustainable development, said that they have played a good role in promoting the development of the cosmetics market, It has also brought development opportunities to new areas of the rural cosmetics market

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