The development prospect of domestic butyl rubber

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CIC Consultant: the development prospect of localized butyl rubber project is promising. After nearly 9 months of trial operation, the 50000 T/a butyl rubber project of Zhejiang Xinhui synthetic new materials Co., Ltd. has been announced to be successfully put into operation. The foundation laying ceremony of the second phase 70000 T/a halogenated butyl rubber project, which the company plans to invest 1.3 billion yuan, was also held at the same time. It is expected to be completed and put into operation in October next year

Chang Yizhi, a researcher of the chemical industry of CIC, pointed out that China's butyl rubber mainly relies on imported products because the industrialization technology of butyl rubber is controlled by a few countries such as the United States, Germany, Russia and Italy. The industrial production technology with independent intellectual property rights is applied in Zhejiang Xinhui butyl rubber project. The successful operation of the project will encourage China's butyl rubber industry to become bigger and stronger

the report on investment analysis and Prospect Forecast of China's synthetic rubber industry in released by CIC consultants shows that the production of butyl rubber began in the 1940s. At present, the global butyl rubber production capacity is mainly concentrated in Europe and North America, and the production enterprises are mainly ExxonMobil, LANXESS, etc. In order to ensure their advantageous position in the butyl rubber market, these enterprises do not transfer technology to foreign countries

although China began to research and develop butyl rubber in the 1960s and established pilot production plants, due to technical and other factors, industrial production plants have not been built. It was not until Yanshan Petrochemical introduced the technology of Italian PI company in 1999 that China built the first set of butyl rubber industrial production plant. At present, the unit can only produce iir1751, iir1751f and iir0745 basic butyl rubber products

ZhangYanlin, research director of CIC, pointed out that in recent years, China's automobile industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for tires has increased greatly, which has greatly boosted the demand for butyl rubber to lead a team to develop China's first optical power thermal analyzer. Moreover, the demand for butyl rubber in the fields of pharmaceutical bottle stopper, adhesive tape and waterproof coiled material is also growing. Therefore, the consumption of butyl rubber in China is growing rapidly. After the production of Zhejiang Xinhui butyl rubber project, it will have a broad market prospect

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