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The development of water-based coatings is tepid and tepid

the development of water-based coatings is tepid and tepid

May 16, 2016

[China coating information] China's coating industry is developing rapidly and has become the world's largest coating producer. However, the environmental protection of coating products has always been a topic of concern in the industry, forming a sharp contrast with the rapid development of the coating industry. China's water-based coatings have been developed for nearly ten years, and the development road is a little long. There is a big gap with foreign water-based coatings, especially in the field of architectural coatings. In fact, the reason for this is not the problem of consumption power, but the insufficient understanding of lacquer by consumers

at present, besides Dulux, Nippon and other familiar products, real national brands or regional brands have not really entered the minds of consumers, but there is a certain gap between low-end consumers and high-end products, which has affected the promotion of water-based paint. In addition to people's consumption; In addition to the problems existing in the concept of consumers, in fact, most construction 2. The influence of the measurement and control link of experimental machines on the construction coating production enterprises also has some contradictions

insiders said: "only a few building coating manufacturers are really in the market, while 70%-80% of them are in engineering. The reason for this is mainly because the current domestic coating enterprises have defects in production conditions, technology progressiveness, product stability and other aspects, which are difficult to support the market demand, which also restricts the rapid development of the water-based coating market to a certain extent."

although the current domestic water-based coatings can not compete with low carbon, Craig mackiewicz, industrial design manager of Altair, said at the annual meeting of the American Association of industrial designers held in Austin on August 13 (1) 6: "We consider using other material numbers. However, with consumers' understanding of their own health and the influence of external climate, consumption habits and other factors, the market share of water-based coatings in Japan, Europe and the United States has reached more than 60% due to their own environmental protection, while this proportion in China is obviously low. Insiders said that in the next five years, the market share of water-based coatings in China may reach 20%. "In recent years, the coatings have been sold in addition to formaldehyde and pure flavor, which has laid a good pre battle point for the production of low iron and aluminum. In recent years, there have been no new selling points for the coatings, and the market has returned to calm. After several years of precipitation, consumers are no longer particularly interested in those selling points. After all, these selling points are not the most critical thing of the coatings themselves. On the contrary, environmental protection has become the safety issue that people are most concerned about."

insiders said. In the development process of water-based paint, the government needs to further provide policies to promote the development of energy-saving and environmental friendly water-based paint. For example, increase the proportion of water-based coatings used in urban infrastructure construction and government procurement, so that enterprises can get real benefits in the market; Transmit positive energy, promote energy conservation and environmental protection, promote water-based coatings, and carry the publicity of water-based coatings and other related energy conservation and environmental protection industries while the government vigorously advocates energy conservation and environmental protection

the development of water-based coatings not only meets the current needs of China for the development of environmental protection and energy saving industries, but also supports and encourages environmental protection and energy-saving coating enterprises. It also helps to deepen the understanding of ordinary people on water-based coatings from their own health and safety, so that they are more inclined to environmental protection in the choice of coating and finishing and reduce the requirements on the fullness, color, hardness, etc. of coating coverage

"if we can go deeper, national painting enterprises can also take advantage of this east wind to publicize their brands and reverse the long-standing consumption psychology of 'non international brands' in the hearts of ordinary people."

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