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Pallet joint venture and its construction strategy

pallet is the most basic handling appliance in the logistics industry, which is widely used in commodity circulation. The pallet joint venture is a leasing service system that ensures the free circulation of pallets among manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, carriers and users, and guides the application of pallet logistics and pallet socialization: it is the logistics industry to realize mechanized operations, improve supply capacity, shorten supply time, improve service quality 19, reduce handling costs Opening up enterprises' third source of interest "The fundamental way: it is the basic platform to promote the transformation from traditional logistics to modern logistics. The healthy development of the logistics industry and the substantial reduction of logistics costs largely depend on whether the pallet joint venture can be established. Therefore, with the rapid development of China's logistics industry and the continuous improvement of its trade status, the problem of logistics palletization has begun to become the bottleneck of the development of China's logistics industry.

what is pallet joint venture

pallet Affiliated companies are service companies that provide pallet leasing, recycling, maintenance and renewal to product manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, carriers and users. It is under the regulation and guidance of the government, led by pallet production enterprises and logistics enterprises, or jointly established by all relevant stakeholders in the logistics industry, or invested by private capital under the guidance of the government. It establishes service stations responsible for pallet leasing, recycling, maintenance and updating in major ports, wharves, airports, highway and railway freight stations, large and medium-sized piano approval centers and major traffic crossings in China, It is a social service entity that accelerates the circulation of pallets carrying goods between production enterprises, logistics enterprises and sales enterprises, promotes pallet intermodal transportation and mechanized operations, improves logistics efficiency, shortens supply time, and greatly reduces logistics costs

as early as the 1950s and 1960s, developed countries such as Britain, the United States, France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia and Canada built logistics pallet recycling The leasing service site has built a very complete tray leasing service system and established national or international industry associations to be responsible for the coordination and management of pallets. For example, the European Union has established the European pallet Association headquartered in Paris. Among them Australia benefited from the Pacific War It is the first country in the world to have a pallet joint venture. At present, CHEP, an Australian pallet consortium, has more than 500 service centers in 42 countries around the world, providing services to 500000 manufacturers and retailers, and is the largest pallet operation company in the southern hemisphere. Although the pallet associated companies in Japan and South Korea started late, they have developed rapidly in the past decade with the strong support of the government and began to expand overseas. In China, in 965, the pallet circulation mode of counterpart exchange was used between Beijing Guang'anmen station and Shanghai east railway station to realize pallet intermodal transportation; In the 1980s, the Ministry of communications allocated a special fund to promote pallets in the first line of Shanghai and Dalian, and its shelf life was extended by two times. Both projects failed due to the management system, management mechanism, pallet standard and quality Finally, it failed to guide the start of pallet leasing service in China

see ASTM E (8) the socio-economic value of standard tray associates for the steps of supporting metal tensile test

establish a tray associate, which is responsible for leasing and recycling standardized pallets, guiding more enterprises to use standardized pallets, and promoting the circulation of pallets among enterprises. It can not only effectively guide the application of logistics palletization, pallet standardization, and pallet socialization Moreover, it can further guide more enterprises to choose standard forklifts, use standard shelves, rent standard means of transport, build standard storage facilities, and comprehensively promote the process of logistics standardization in China. This Xibu pallet joint venture also has a wide range of social and economic values, which are specifically reflected in the following aspects:

1 It is conducive to reducing the logistics cost of the whole society

establish a pallet joint venture and lease recycled pallets Promote the free exchange of pallets among enterprises. For enterprises that use disposable pallets for cargo transportation, they don't have to spend a lot of money to buy or make their own pallets. They can rent multiple recyclable pallets directly from pallet associates, and the rent they pay is far lower than the cost of disposable pallets It can effectively save pallet costs for enterprises. For example, the current pallet rental price of Haier Group is 3 yuan per time, while it costs more than 30 yuan to buy a disposable cork pallet, a difference of more than ten times. For enterprises that use reusable pallets for many times for a long time, it is no longer necessary to recycle pallets by themselves, which can also save a lot of transaction costs. For those enterprises whose pallets are limited to internal use, with pallet associates, there is no need to store spare pallets to reduce the cost of using pallets. It is estimated that After the establishment of pallet joint venture in China On the whole, "it can save about one third of the pallets. It has great economic value". Establish pallet joint ventures to promote the circulation of pallets among enterprises It can also greatly reduce the number of pallet changes and handling costs. According to the figures published by foreign pallet authoritative organizations, the next pallet is in the circulation process of the products it carries from being put into use to being scrapped after the pallet associated companies are running well But in fact, it saves more than 500 dollars in storage, handling and transportation costs Equivalent to dozens of times its own cost. At present, except for large-scale and advanced production enterprises in operation and management level in China The material handling cost of general production enterprises accounts for 40% of the total product cost. Therefore, China has established pallet joint ventures It will be conducive to reducing the logistics cost of the whole society

2. It is conducive to improve the quality of logistics service

establish a pallet joint venture to realize pallet intermodal transportation and mechanized operation It can effectively avoid the damage of goods caused by manual handling and effectively reduce the packaging strength Save packaging costs: it can also avoid counting errors caused by the failure of effective consolidation of goods. Moreover, it can follow the common practice of European logistics to pack the products on standardized pallets at the next production line, and use the special packaging machinery for pallets to package the valuable goods on the pallets with opaque plastic films, and the ordinary goods with transparent plastic films Once the goods loaded on pallets are opened during storage and transportation, they are difficult to recover and easy to identify, It can effectively solve the first major problem of backward logistics in China - "the damage and loss of commodities, and the problems of wrong stacking, damage and theft of goods often occur due to many manual operations in railway and highway transportation, "Effectively improve the quality of logistics services in China. Especially for fresh agricultural products, it has more realistic economic value. Generally speaking, fresh agricultural products have only 7 to 10 days of commodity use value. In the establishment of pallet joint ventures, the implementation of pallet intermodal transportation can improve the efficiency of mechanized production, greatly shorten the supply time, and effectively use cold storage facilities in the harvest, cold storage, wholesale and retail links to improve the fresh-keeping level of agricultural products and enhance supply." Ability to respond

3. It is conducive to saving social and economic resources and protecting the ecological environment

at present, the United States has about billion pallets, Japan has billion pallets, and China has about 1 About 400million Most of them are wooden pallets It is increasing at an annual rate of 20million. According to experts' estimates, a mature tree can only produce 6 standard pallets at most. If pallet joint ventures are established to promote the circulation of recyclable plastic pallets and metal pallets among enterprises, reducing the number of disposable wooden pallets can not only avoid the problem of wood waste, save forest resources, protect the ecological environment, but also reduce the economic operation cost of the whole country

therefore Establish affiliated companies, speed up the recycling of pallets among production enterprises, logistics enterprises and sales enterprises, promote the application of palletization and socialization of logistics, and realize the mechanized operation of logistics Reduce the number of pallet exchanges between enterprises, reduce the damage rate of manual handling of goods, shorten the supply time, improve the supply capacity, and save social and economic resources Protect the ecological environment Reduce the total cost of social logistics Supporting the sustainable and healthy development of the material production sector has very important practical economic value

current measures to develop pallet associated companies in China

the logistics industry is a new industry in China, and the establishment of pallet associated companies and pallet sharing system is of great practical significance for China to realize logistics mechanization, pallet standardization, reduce logistics costs, develop foreign trade, save economic resources and protect the ecological environment. But pallets flow with the goods It is difficult to determine the destination of the pallet and the final ownership of the pallet before the goods arrive at the user. Therefore, pallet associated companies need to establish a large number of service stations nationwide in order to play its due role. The establishment of pallet joint ventures requires a large investment. It is a service industry that is difficult to realize at the beginning of its establishment according to the principles of market economy and relying on the independent behavior of enterprises. The government needs to take necessary measures to vigorously promote the smooth development of pallet associated companies. The top priority should be

1 Carry out project establishment research. Establish pallet joint ventures and develop China's pallet leasing service industry It is a new thing in our country In the process of establishment and development, we face many major problems. The proposal, discussion and final solution of these problems It cannot be separated from the guidance of scientific theory. In particular, the problems of pallet standards, quality specifications, investment policies, tax policies and government roles at the macro level are poorly coordinated and unsolvable at the micro level of enterprises, which require special project support from the government's science and technology departments to carry out in-depth research Put forward practical and feasible scientific solutions. Practice has proved that the economic benefits of scientific conclusions drawn from rigorous and pragmatic research in the industry are often tens of thousands of times that of scientific research investment. Therefore At present, it is necessary to study the major problems existing in the development of pallet associates as soon as possible to solve the problems faced in the construction process

2. Revise China's pallet standards and quality specifications as soon as possible. The non-uniform pallet standards and non-standard quality have seriously restricted the establishment and development of pallet associated companies in China. Therefore, relevant departments should organize experts from all aspects to demonstrate six international pallet standards according to the development of domestic logistics and related industries and the needs of international trade, select a pallet standard that conforms to China's economic interests, and focus on promoting the application of pallets to promote the circulation of pallets among enterprises. In addition to determining the pallet standard, we should also solve the problem of pallet quality t grade. The unclear quality t grade will increase the supervision cost of pallet associates, and at the same time, it will also cause inferior pallets to expel high-quality pallets, which may eventually lead to a situation that pallet associates are difficult to maintain. Therefore, the pallet standard and quality specification should be revised as soon as possible Ensure that the collection and leasing of pallets can be effectively promoted

3 improve information communication channels. The establishment of pallet joint ventures needs to rely on the strength of logistics industry associations to give play to the collective wisdom. Strengthen the role of national first-class associations such as China Federation of logistics and purchasing, China Communications and Transportation Association and China Logistics Society through government support and guidance. Reflect the voice of establishing pallet joint ventures to the government through the logistics industry association; 2. Torque loading: hang the torque loading rod on the load flange. The enterprise publicizes the national logistics policy, releases the dynamics of logistics development, and grasps the academic understanding of logistics issues, especially trust

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