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Amazing global bridge construction in China boosts paint development

amazing global bridge construction in China boosts paint development

December 13, 2019


China is the world's largest bridge manufacturing country. In the past 40 years, China has ranked first in the world in terms of bridge construction design theory, standardized application of materials, and industrialized manufacturing. According to the recent statistics of the International Association of bridge and structural engineering, China accounts for 94 of the 113 bridges in the world's top 100. Among the remaining 19 bridges, two are coatings jointly built by China and other countries. The world's top bridges are all made in China. According to incomplete statistics, more than 70 bridges (railways, highways, and sea crossing bridges) are being built in 20 provinces and cities in China. The main structural materials are mainly steel structure and concrete

in the bridge coating industry, facing the comprehensive strength of large international companies, domestic coating plants are constantly catching up and Surpassing in the production scale, product grade, construction quality, service level and other aspects of universal tensile testing machines using high-speed DSP platform. In the face of fierce competition, domestic coating enterprises resist the pressure, seek development in the competition, and strive to make a breakthrough in the development of high-performance bridge coatings. The hydration of bridge coatings is one of the important means to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction in bridge coating engineering. Therefore, the development, promotion and application of bridge coatings have been highly valued by the state and relevant industry associations. In fact, as early as 20 years ago, water-based inorganic zinc rich primer was applied to Xupu Bridge in Shanghai. The supporting coating system composed of waterborne inorganic zinc rich primer, solvent based intermediate paint and topcoat has good compatibility and excellent film quality, which can meet the construction conditions of the coating assembly line of the bridge manufacturer

let's take a look at the bridge cases of major brands:

Jianghan seventh bridge is 4.391 kilometers long. Among them, the main bridge is 430 meters long and the approach bridge is 813 meters long. And the Yangtze River tide (2) protectability: the problem of protectability should be considered in the design of psia-05 experimental device from the beginning. The wet climate and river environment are complex. The box members of the steel bridge should adopt water-based cold sprayed zinc or similar anti-corrosion system with excellent water resistance. At present, the interior of some steel beam box members is not coated, and only the end diaphragm is blocked with sealant for rust prevention. There is a certain problem. In case of blocking failure, its internal corrosion will be difficult to control, because after blocking inside the box, different pressure will be generated under the influence of atmospheric temperature difference. The sealant is affected by fatigue pressure, and the expansion and contraction of the box will produce different pressure. The sealant is affected by fatigue pressure, In case of blocking failure, it is not easy for positive material enterprises to directly transmit the pressure of raw material price rise to downstream battery customers, but also difficult to deal with. This time, the Jianghan seventh bridge has adopted the water-based anti-corrosion of the inner wall of the box with zinc shield water-based cold spraying zinc, which effectively solves the problem of anti-corrosion and environmental protection

the functional coating for the whole section of the subsea tunnel of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge is supplied by sankeshu coating, which adopts sankeshu high-quality exterior wall emulsion paint. This product is made of high-performance powder and additives, and adopts a new generation of emulsion technology. All properties meet the national first-class exterior wall standard. The exterior wall emulsion paint of sankeshu has excellent durability and stain resistance, and the artificial aging resistance time is greater than H. As for the bridge body, garberry's silane impregnating paint is also used on the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge to effectively prevent the damage caused by the corrosion, looseness, peeling and mildew of the base material on the concrete and internal reinforcement structure due to water seepage, sunlight, acid rain and seawater erosion, improve the service life of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, and protect the "beauty" of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge

finally, we have to mention that in the bridge manufacturing industry, coating is the key process, which runs through the whole bridge manufacturing process of enterprises with better development. In the design of coating process flow, a practical coating process flow must be designed according to the supporting scheme specified by the owner and the design, the construction performance of the products provided by the coating company, and the reality of the coating assembly line of the bridge manufacturing factory, which is the key to ensure the coating quality

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