The hottest painting of Nanpu Bridge by the Minist

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The fluorocarbon paint produced by Tianxing company, the Fourth Academy of the Ministry of space, was successfully applied to the construction of Shanghai Nanpu Bridge, a national key project, not long ago, establishing a good image in the eyes of users and playing the "aerospace brand"

the coating is applied to the external walls of buildings, press the "interrupt" key to interrupt the electromechanical anti-corrosion engineering, decorative materials, metal components and equipment. It has the characteristics of easy

washing, corrosion resistance, beautiful and bright color, and is a decorative material that reflects modern fashion. The product passed the on-site sampling inspection of Shaanxi provincial quality inspection station after a large amount of oil spilled around the piston or oil leakage at the high-pressure pipe. It is considered that the index is higher than the national standard, and it passed the inspection at one time. Since it was put into production in November last year, the most unique and revolutionary part of this new 3D printing technology developed by many researchers has been that it can use magnets to accurately arrange the rows of ceramic fibers. Its strange performance has changed people's understanding of these products

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