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Palo Alto networks launched a comprehensive cloud security tool

the next generation security enterprise Palo Alto networks (NYSE Code: panw) at its recent epic cloud security conference, showed more than 10000 participants its next-generation security platform equipped with new cloud capabilities, which are designed to defend against cloud network attacks. Palo Alto networks' latest series of updates will provide customers running in mixed and multi cloud environments with comprehensive and consistent security tools that can be directly integrated with cloud infrastructure and workloads

according to a study conducted by ZK research, a market research organization, 86% of respondents admitted that their organization stores data on the platform provided by multiple cloud providers and implements management. In these multi cloud environments, it becomes extremely difficult to ensure the consistency and effectiveness of the security situation, because the configuration options of security functions provided by cloud providers are only designed to ensure (4) evaluate the environmental feasibility of project construction and protect their own infrastructure. These existing functions need the assistance of additional functions to effectively prevent network vulnerabilities, otherwise the enterprise will become easy to break and face the risk of data loss or leakage

the evolution of cloud technology urgently needs a new network security to escort it. This new network security technology should be able to cover every nuance of cloud technology in terms of product variety and quality level of sensors and tension machine components in China, help enterprises realize the smooth deployment and management of effective security functions, and help security/operation/network and development teams have the ability to meet the requirements of building agile organizations

palo Alto networks can provide customers with consistent security assurance through the application of electronic tensile testing machine to meet the security needs of modern cloud environment, including:

consistent protection across traditional network and cloud: Palo Alto networks' next-generation security platform extends the protection of workload to Google cloud platform, and enhances the protection function of AWS and azure cloud environment

cloud resident management platform: Panorama? The network security management platform supports several major mainstream cloud platforms and provides simplified and centralized deployment and management for all Palo Alto networks next-generation firewalls and VM series virtualization next-generation firewalls, thus jumping out of the limitations of chassis size and location

automatic integration in a multi cloud environment to provide smooth workflow: the enhanced AWS automatic expansion function and the additional support provided to azure security centre and Google cloud deployment manager will simplify security deployment and realize expansion according to the changes of cloud requirements. And with terraform? The integration with ansible will provide customers with automated workflow and policy management

provide continuous data security and compliance for three mainstream cloud platforms: the new protection provided by aperture security services can detect and monitor cloud resources, prevent the loss of sensitive data, monitor risky and suspicious administrator behaviors, and provide additional protection against the risks caused by security configuration errors and the wanton spread of malicious software

protection against zero day attacks: traps advanced endpoint protection not only provides zero day attack protection for windows workloads, but also provides the same protection for Linux workloads on all mainstream cloud platforms

a number of IDC studies have shown that hybrid cloud is the inevitable trend of today's technological development. Centralized management of local deployment, cloud, endpoint and software as a service (SaaS) is the guarantee to ensure the safe, orderly and effective operation of the cloud. With the help of the panorama network security management platform, Palo Alto networks' customers can realize the overall visibility and control of the system without being limited by the size and location of the chassis

- rob Ayoub, director of IDC security product research

now, enterprises are rapidly migrating to the cloud, and most of them operate in multi cloud environments. By extending security protection to all mainstream public cloud providers, enterprises can simplify the management of physical and virtual devices. Palo Alto networks can provide unified protection for all kinds of infrastructure of enterprises, whether physical, virtual or cloud

-451 Garrett Bekker, chief security analyst of research

our multi cloud users require smooth and comprehensive security. With the help of Palo Alto networks, EAN cloud can design and launch an automated and consistent cloud foundation, so that our customers can benefit from the flexibility of the cloud, while protecting important data and protecting networks from attacks

- Dan Connolly, executive vice president of customer and business of real cloud

today's enterprises are facing the challenges brought by the rapid migration to the public cloud. Driven by business needs, many enterprises have rapidly deployed cloud infrastructure and developed cloud applications, which often ignores network security issues. Recently, several updates launched by Palo Alto networks can help customers fully access the convenience brought by the cloud, while ensuring that important information is protected from network attacks

- Lee klarich, chief product officer of Palo Alto networks

the update of VM series virtualization new generation firewall, aperture security services, panorama and traps is expected to be fully launched in March 2018

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about Palo Alto networks

Palo Alto networks is the next generation security enterprise leading the new era of network security, It can protect applications from network threats for tens of thousands of enterprises around the world. Palo Alto networks' disruptive security platform provides much higher security than traditional or single point products. It adopts innovative methods and highly differentiated network threat defense functions to ensure the safety of enterprise operations and protect the most important assets of enterprises

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