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Paint truck crashed into pier and deflagration, two people died

paint truck crashed into pier and deflagration, two people add 128 × 64lcd display device was killed

April 2, 2007

at about 5:50 a.m. on March 31, a truck loaded with flammable chemicals crashed under Yongfeng bridge in Jiaxing section of Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway. After the truck collided with the high-speed barrier, it hit the pier of Yongfeng bridge in front of it. With the rear oil tank exploding, the car caught fire. All the passengers on board were dead

the fuel tank exploded and two people did not escape

the accident occurred under the Yongfeng bridge 93 kilometers +500 meters from Shanghai to Shanghai on the Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway. The license plate of the truck involved was Zhejiang j2401 ×, A front wheel of the truck was knocked off and rolled down in the middle of the road. Some of the flammable chemicals loaded on the truck have been burned out. At the rear of the accident car, the central guardrail about 30 meters long was damaged. Inflammable chemicals loaded on the truck are scattered on the ground, and there are inflammables on the 1st lane of Shanghai direction of Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd lanes of Hangzhou direction

according to the people near the expressway, at 5:50 a.m., they suddenly heard a loud noise and ran out to see that it was the truck that hit the pier of the overpass bridge. Then they saw a cloud of smoke rising from the scene of the accident. Before long, the fire became bigger and bigger

a witness said that when the truck was driving, the front tire suddenly burst, hit the right guardrail, and then rushed to the central isolation belt. Then the whole car hit the pier of Yongfeng bridge and caught fire, accompanied by the sound of fuel tank explosion, "I never saw anyone on the car escape."

the fire fighting lasted six and a half hours

until about 8 a.m., the firefighters were still fighting with all their strength. According to a rescue officer and soldier at the scene, the car is equipped with 4C screw rods that rub with the through-hole on the machine, tons of flammable chemicals such as paint, paint, pine perfume and so on, "they are all in barrels, so it is particularly difficult to put out the fire."

8:30, the open fire had been gradually controlled, but the high-speed rescue vehicle was just about to pull the truck out of the central isolation zone, and the unburned chemicals on the truck leaked out due to turbulence, and the fire suddenly rose again. After repeated several times, the fire was not put out, but burned more and more

10, the fire was finally controlled. The staff confirmed that two people died in the car accident, but the gender of the dead has not been identified. "The two drivers and passengers have been separated from their limbs and burned like charcoal." A firefighter said

Jiaxing fire said that from 6:03 a.m. to about 12:30 p.m., the fire officers and soldiers have been fighting for more than 6.5 hours and extinguishing the fire for more than 4 hours, making it very difficult to rescue

the Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway was blocked for ten kilometers

after the accident, Jiaxing traffic management department immediately transferred the Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway to a single building β- Butyrolactone prepared PHB Expressway Jiaxing section for two-way road closure, "the car is blocked for several kilometers, and you can smell the smell similar to gasoline from a distance." A driver from Hangzhou to Shanghai said

the traffic police at the scene revealed that the car heading for Hangzhou was blocked for 10 kilometers, and drivers close to the scene of the accident got off one after another. The rush to the accident now depends on the importance of environmental awareness. At about 10:30, the wreckage of the truck that burned to the frame was dragged away from the scene, and high-speed rescuers began to clean the road. The traffic control department then lifted the road closure of Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway for nearly 7 hours

deputy leader Yang of the first brigade of Jiaxing traffic police detachment said that after the incident, the patrol police rushed to the scene within two minutes to guide, "many leaders of the traffic police department directed the diversion on site, and more than 20 traffic police participated in the emergency treatment along the whole line. Due to the inflammable chemicals on the accident vehicle, the site cleaning speed was slow, and the two-way Lane did not return to normal until about 12 noon."

the license plate registration shows that the owner of the accident truck is surnamed Feng. At that time, the car was sent from Huang Yuan to Shanghai. The car was loaded with a mixture of paint, pine perfume and other chemicals and hot water bottles. The two drivers on the car were Zhou, who was in his 40s, and Han, who was 27. "Both of them were men and died on the spot. Preliminary judgment may be caused by fatigue driving or other reasons, and the specific situation of the accident is still under investigation." Jiaxing, a traffic police introduction

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