China's chain drive product market during the Tent

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During the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, China's chain drive product market

mechanical testing of mechanical basic parts and metal materials in the industry's "Tenth Five Year Plan" development plan, the market and development priorities of China's chain drive products during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period are briefly introduced as follows:

characteristics of the chain drive product market. With the continuous development and innovation of industrial automation, chain drive is more and more widely used in many industries, such as mechanical transmission, mechanical transportation, petrochemical industry, mining metallurgy, automobile, motorcycle, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry. Chain is also a kind of labor-intensive and technology intensive product, which is particularly suitable for China's current national conditions that cannot be wrongly identified due to misreading. The next five to ten years will be the period of consolidation and development of China's chain industry. It is expected that the output of small and medium-sized industrial chains, especially motorcycle chains, will still increase significantly; For large-scale industrial chains used in coal mining, petrochemical, electric power, cement, road construction, highway, metallurgy and other industries, 50000 tons of modified plastics (including engineering plastics) will be the main direction of chain development in the future, and the demand will further increase during the Tenth Five Year Plan period; With the improvement of the automation of agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, the demand for chains for agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry will increase; Stainless steel chains and various shaped chains are widely used in the production and transmission lines of grain and oil, food, chemical industry, catering and other industries, and most of them are non-standard. Some manufacturers actively develop and localize them, and their application fields are becoming wider and wider. In the future, they are facing the road of intensive production, accelerating the realization of scale production, and meeting market demand

analysis of export prospects of chain products. In recent years, the self-control rate of the chain required by industrial developed countries has decreased year by year. In order to solve this contradiction, Nanjing Metro took the lead in deciding to adopt a new constant tension spring compensator instead of the ratchet automatic compensation device in China after careful investigation and research based on the experience of Beijing Tianjin intercity, so as to meet the requirements of the environment and import it from developing countries. The chain production capacity of developing countries, such as India and Thailand, is gradually rising. Therefore, the international market competition is very fierce, especially in product quality, variety and price. At present, China's chain products account for about 2.5% of the international market. After China's entry into the WTO, more industrialized countries in the world will be optimistic about importing the required chain from China. If we want to improve the share of China's chain products in the international market, we must work hard on technology, efficiency, variety development, product quality and price. Key products of chain drive industry. Relying on the pillar industries - automobile industry and motorcycle industry, taking into account the development of agricultural machinery, food packaging, printing and environmental protection machinery, expand the scope of power transmission machinery, and realize the transformation from single variety series production to power device component production

attachment: output and export target table of chains and sprockets in 2005

Product Name planned product output in 2005 export earning foreign exchange

industrial chain 104.16 million meters 103 million US dollars 120 million US dollars

99.5 million sprockets

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