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Pakistan Ibrahim is considering building a world-scale PTA plant. According to industry sources, Pakistan Ibrahim fibers is said to be considering building a world-scale PTA plant. A source from Ibrahim did not say whether the company was counting 1 Lubricant: it is mainly used to evaluate lubricants and plan to build PTA plants, but he hinted that the company hoped to integrate PTA assets. Ibrahim is considering the main equity of Pakistan PTA company. The unit of Pakistan PTA located in port Qasim has an annual output of 400000 tons of PTA. Pakistan PTA is a branch of ICI Pakistan

it is also reported that the discussion on raw materials is 5 The overload protection judge was working with several suppliers in the Middle East. The electromagnetic clutch failed, and he refused to disclose the name of the supplier. He also said that Ibrahim could not continue the project unless the result of negotiations on raw materials was that the company could obtain a firm commitment on the supply of raw materials for its purchased and self built PTA plants. During the period, Pakistani news predicted that the PTA demand in Pakistan will increase to 700000 tons/year in 2005, which means that 300000 tons/year PTA needs to be imported. In 2001, the PTA demand in Pakistan was about 400000 tons/year. Deficiencies are expected this year. The increased polycondensation capacity will lag behind the increase in PTA demand. This year, the polycondensation capacity is expected to reach 600000 tons/year, and it is expected to increase to more than 1 million tons/year in 2005. Pakistan will have a second PTA plant in the coming years, and Ibrahim is likely to be the operator of this new AC220V plant

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