The hottest paint shop deceived three businessmen

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Three businessmen were deceived in front of the paint shop

three businessmen were deceived in front of the paint shop

March 14, 2008

after the freight driver Xiao Guo (right) advanced the paint payment for the owner, the owner disappeared, and if the oil found that there was loose paint, the operator (left) also refused to return the goods

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[China paint information] the serial set cheated 1830 yuan

1 "Mr. Li" to the floor tile store to look after the goods, Said that the next day let the driver to pull the goods, unpaid

2 "Mr. Li" went to the paint shop, asked the boss to open a ticket of 182 yuan for 60 yuan a barrel of paint, and asked the pickup driver to pay, but don't let the driver know

3 "Mr. Li" found a truck driver, let him go to the floor tile shop to pull the goods, and help buy 15 barrels of paint, with floor tiles as collateral

4 the truck driver bought 15 barrels of paint at the price of 182 yuan a barrel, paying 2730 yuan. "Mr. Li" then went to the paint shop and asked for a price difference of 1830 yuan per barrel at 60 yuan

once using the pressure tester 1, we must pay attention to cleaning a "Mr. Li" and directing the three businessmen around in two days. When the "business" of "Mr. Li" was completed, the three businessmen all found themselves cheated. The three businessmen doubted each other who cheated them

"customer" remote control

on March 12, Xiao Guo, who is engaged in the freight business, received a man surnamed Li who said that he had 30 tons of floor tiles to be pulled to Yan'an in Daming Palace. He had agreed with the owner of the floor tile shop to directly pull the goods. Xiao Guo immediately drove the truck to the first store of Daming Palace ceramic and stone market and asked the stevedore to load the floor tiles

when the car was half loaded, Xiao Guo received Mr. Li's request again and asked him to help buy 15 barrels of paint. The store address was said, and at the same time, he said that he had agreed with the paint shop owner. Xiao Guo told the "customer" Mr. Li that he didn't bring enough money. "He asked me, 'I have a load of goods with you, are you afraid I'll run away?'"

aware that he was cheated

in order to save time, Xiao Guo asked the stevedore to install floor tiles, and he rushed to the paint shop mentioned by Mr. Li to buy paint. In the past, the owner of the paint shop has issued an invoice, 182 yuan per barrel of paint, and a total of 2730 yuan for 15 barrels of paint. Xiao Guo paid the bill in a hurry and rushed back to the floor tile shop. Xiaoguo, who loaded the goods, chatted with the floor tile shop owner and learned that the original floor tile money had not been paid

merchants in the market told Xiao Guo that this kind of paint was only 60 or 70 yuan a barrel. Call Mr. Li quickly. It's turned off. Xiao Guo hurriedly pulled the paint back to return it, but the boss refused to return it, because "the goods were pulled out, how to guarantee the authenticity". Xiao Guo felt that he had been cheated by Mr. Li and the paint shop owner

who is a liar

who is a liar? The paint shop owner and the floor tile shop owner talked about their understanding process with "Mr. Li" respectively

Mr. Yang, the owner of the floor tile shop, can be seen from the above that the experimental machine is a kind of equipment that plays a very important role in production activities: in the afternoon of March 11, a man came to the shop to look at the colors of the floor tiles and said that he would come to load the next day. "He asked the driver to come, load the goods first, and then pay." But the goods are all loaded, and the payer hasn't arrived yet. Only after a dozen did he know that he had been cheated, Mr. Yang had to pay hundreds of yuan for Xiao Guo's loading and unloading

Ms. Wang, the owner of the paint shop: on the morning of March 12, a man came to the shop to buy 15 barrels of paint. Ms. Wang quoted 60 yuan per barrel at that time, but the other party had to make a false invoice, so the company was easy to keep accounts. "He took my 60 yuan a barrel of paint and let me" Honeywell 1 go straight to the forefront of military bulletproof technology to open 182 yuan a barrel. " The man asked that the driver should not know. When Xiaoguo paid the high price for the goods, the man appeared and took away the extra price difference given by Xiaoguo. When Xiao Guo went to return the goods, Ms. Wang also suspected that the man and Xiao Guo were "acting" and were ready to buy at a low price and return at a high price

the aggrieved Xiao Guo called "110". After the police of Daming Palace police station rushed to the scene to understand the situation, they said "it's not their business" and let Xiao Guo and Ms. Wang of the paint shop negotiate and solve it by themselves

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