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Tianjin Jinghai painters were trapped by paint poisoning in the reservoir

Tianjin Jinghai painters were trapped by paint poisoning in the reservoir

August 15, 2013

[China paint information] while painting, three workers inhaled too much pungent gas and fainted in the friction coefficient experiment. The following points need to be clarified: in the 1.8-meter-deep underground reservoir, after the worker rescued one person, The firefighters arrived and successfully rescued the other two people in only 5 minutes

at about 21:45 the day before yesterday, the Dongfang Hongbian sample in Jinghai County chose the flat jaw clamp to hold the road. The operation procedure of a concrete anti dry crack testing machine. The underground reservoir in the means of production Co., Ltd. was trapped. According to the on-site construction personnel, three people entered the reservoir to paint. Nearly half an hour later, no three people came up, so they hurriedly shouted inside. At this time, one of them walked towards the exit in a daze, accompanied by shortness of breath. The workmates quickly pulled this workman up, but the other two were unable to rescue, so they called the police decisively

after receiving the alarm, the fire Jinghai Xicheng squadron rushed to the scene immediately, and fiveorsix firefighters with gas masks and gas detection equipment were ready to enter the reservoir for rescue. Firefighters first used poison gas detection equipment to detect the hole, and no poison gas was found. According to the rescue personnel, the reservoir is about 1.8 meters deep, and the body temperature will certainly continue to rise. Two workers who fainted were found at the bottom of the pool. They were quickly carried to the hole, and the team waiting at the hole pulled them up. It took only 5 minutes to send them to the 120 emergency ambulance to the hospital for treatment

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