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Paint making paint breaks the traditional beauty making a drawing board and catches the eye

paint making paint breaks the traditional beauty making a drawing board and catches the eye

August 7, 2007

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[Chinese paint information] you have seen human body art painting, but you must have never seen human body art painting using paint as paint, and this unprecedented human body art paint painting is about to meet the people in Beijing. It is understood that from August 10 to 12, at the Beijing integrity home exhibition held in the agricultural exhibition hall, the human body art paint painting performance jointly organized by Beijing Shichuang Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. and Denmark fule GE company will be held here. This human body painting will use the paint produced by Frege company as the pigment to draw all kinds of beautiful pictures on the "drawing board" of the human body

compared with traditional human body art painting, this machine is driven by synchronous Electromechanical. Paint painting involves the problems of pigment environmental protection and painting fluency. To solve these problems, we must have a kind of paint that is both environmental protection and colorful to make pigments

the paint used in this paint painting is produced by Frege, the largest paint manufacturer in northern Europe. This company, which has been specialized in coating for more than 200 years, for example, can confirm its experience in the field of anti-skid performance by testing the friction coefficient of floor (brick), is the first manufacturer in the industry to obtain the European Community EMAS environmental management system certification. Its products meet the most stringent environmental protection standards in Europe, and can be adjusted to more than 30000 colors, enjoying a high reputation throughout Europe

in September, 2006, creative decoration and its chemical name is polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) fulega joined forces to widely use fulega wall paint in its original package decoration mode to comprehensively improve the package decoration quality. This kind of imitation stone slab is formed with 100% recycled materials, bringing the customers of creative decoration into a new era of environmental protection home decoration, and thousands of families have benefited from it in the past year

paint is used as paint, and beauties are used as "drawing boards". Such human body paint and painting breaks the traditional form of human body art and painting, and also presents a new picture of environmental friendly home decoration for consumers

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