The hottest painters earn money and get kickbacks

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Painters earn money and get kickbacks

painters earn money and get kickbacks

August 15, 2011

[China paint information] recently, Mr. Huang's home was decorated. Before the decoration, people in the industry made a budget: "as long as five or six barrels of paint materials are used in a house, 20 barrels are used in the decoration of his house", which made him very depressed. Later, during the chat with insiders, he revealed to him that the secret was on the label in the packaging barrel of decoration materials (paint)

hidden rules of decoration rebate: paint label paper can be exchanged for 100 yuan

for this, Mr. Huang took a paint label and asked the store where he bought paint with a try mentality. Sure enough, the merchant told him that the label could be exchanged for 100 yuan in cash. The mystery of Mr. Huang's "soaring consumption of materials" was immediately solved. "The value of a barrel of paint materials is only more than 300 yuan, and the cash returned is 100 yuan, so the worker has to use the materials desperately."

"rebate label" has become a hidden rule

perhaps everyone believes that materials purchased by home decoration personnel together or even directly on behalf of others will be firmly tied by merchants in the form of rebates, often spending high prices to buy low-quality goods. Therefore, we always refuse to accompany workers to purchase materials. I thought I would be relieved to go to the building materials market to buy paint by myself. At least I won't charge more "wronged" money for taking kickbacks, and the workers will get kickbacks as a result! The author's house decoration schedule is more than half, and it's the painter's turn, Master Li. Master Li issued a material list for the author to buy, and specially cared about which brand of talc powder and paint to buy. When the author came to the building materials market to buy, he found that the decoration material store designated by Master Li of the same brand of paint was 80 yuan a barrel higher than that of other stores. I think the price is relatively high, so I decided not to buy it for the time being

the next day, the author came to another paint shop in the building materials market again and saw the same paint. Under the condition of ensuring that it was genuine, the price was reduced by a quarter, and the price was only 320 yuan. Without much thought, the author immediately bought it back. At the same time, the author noticed that the price of a brand of glue purchased the day before yesterday was 198 yuan a barrel, while the price here is 108 yuan a barrel. When the author went back, Master Li said as soon as he saw the paint brought by the author that this kind of hand-made model was not high in accuracy and wear resistance, "this one you bought is a second-class product. You see, the label is red. This one contains more formaldehyde, which is not environmentally friendly enough. The formaldehyde volatilizes slowly. The one sold in a certain store is labeled with a blue label, which is a first-class product." However, the author looked inside and outside the paint package, but he couldn't find the words "second-class products". Considering the importance of environmental protection, the author also decided to return this one and buy the store recommended by Master Li

afterwards, the author found that there was a "label" less on the glue package he bought before than what he saw in the store recommended by Master Li. The author searched for relevant information on. It turns out that the so-called "environmental protection" is just a gimmick for workers to get kickbacks from paint brand merchants. Suddenly. One friend mentioned, "a certain brand of paint with a certain model is indicated in the supermarket for special supply. In fact, the model label on the paint box is the voucher of rebate. The painter can go to the supermarket to get rebate after cutting off the label. The rebate of a group of paint can even choose different loads up to 120 yuan according to the part used or whether it is painted!"

to mobilize the "passion" of decorators

after the event, the author visited the decoration market, and some paint material merchants revealed that the "rebate label" was an open method for revising material testing machines in the industry; Correction method of tension machine; The revision method of tensile testing machine is secret

a businessman pointed to the paint accessories in the store and told the author that almost all paint accessories brands have "rebate labels", ranging from tens of yuan to more than 100 yuan, from interface agents, waterproof agents, crack inhibitors to tape adhesive, sealant, etc

when the author asked why there was no "rebate label" in the package, the merchant said that it was too obvious, "anyway, you can keep any piece of paper in the package, which may be a rebate label". Merchants said that it is common for decoration materials to receive rebates in the industry. As long as the workers bring them or introduce them to buy them, many of them give rebates directly

the author interviewed a building materials dealer in Zhanjiang about the "rebate label". The dealer told the author that in fact, the whole industry is doing this, but to make workers work "with passion". In order to get a higher rebate, workers will not only recommend high rebate material brands to owners and decoration companies, but also use more materials when working, which will directly stimulate the use of decoration materials of a certain brand. Businesses naturally flock to this way

boss Mo, who has been engaged in the paint business for many years in the building materials market, told the author that in order to get a rebate, some decorators deliberately dumped the paint during the construction process, allowing the owner to buy more paint

in the interview, an owner told the author that a dealer friend who claimed to be a paint agent of a brand "broke the news" that it had become the industry rule for painters to take kickbacks. Therefore, the paint Trade Union frequently recommends some brands of paint and focuses on describing the advantages. The dosage is usually large. If they do not buy at the designated place, they will give reasons such as "the effect is not responsible". Sometimes even take advantage of the owner's inattention to steal the paint, so that the owner can buy more and eat more kickbacks. Even some paint brands will attract painters to become members, and only members can get kickbacks. In other words, even if consumers know that it is fishy, they can't exchange the "label" for their own money

hidden rules of decoration: earn money from the owner and eat kickbacks from material suppliers

Ms. Chen, a citizen, recently wants to decorate a house. Before the decoration starts, she has found a decoration company and agreed with the decoration company that the decoration method is basically labor and materials contracting. The reason why we say "basically", except that some main decoration materials are purchased by ourselves, all others are handed over to the decoration contractor

there are two reasons why Ms. Chen adopts this decoration method: first, Ms. Chen is a layman in decoration, and the decoration company is introduced by a friend. It should be believed that it is easier for the contractor to purchase directly rather than selecting materials by herself; Second, she thinks that decoration is a family affair. If she doesn't care about it at all, she can't feel secure. Therefore, the main decoration materials, such as ceramic tiles, are still selected by herself in the building materials market

in the building materials market, after Ms. Chen selected the ceramic tiles, the material dealer asked her whether she wanted to deliver them to her door. After discussing with the decoration company, Ms. Chen replied that after the decoration began, the decoration company would directly go to its store to pull goods, without bothering the material dealer to deliver them to the door

however, the material supplier insisted on door-to-door delivery and said that it was unwilling for the decoration company to come to the store to pull goods. The insistence of the material supplier made Ms. Chen wonder: door-to-door delivery is an additional expense for the material supplier. Now someone automatically comes to the door to pull goods, saving transportation costs. Why not do it? Is there another reason

material suppliers: they are worried that decoration companies will ask for rebates for door-to-door delivery. Free door-to-door delivery will definitely increase the expenses of material suppliers. Now owners are willing to automatically ask for goods, saving transportation costs and increasing economic benefits. This is a good thing. Why are material suppliers unwilling to do so? Are you really worried about the price and product quality problems being discovered by experts

Ms. Wu, the owner of a ceramic tile sales shop, said that in fact, the owner's concern is reasonable, but the material dealer is unwilling to ask for goods from the decoration company. The root cause of the problem is that the decoration company will charge kickbacks from the material dealer after coming to the door. However, the decoration materials are purchased by the owner rather than the decoration company, because the door-to-door sales of the decoration company require a rebate, which is something the material dealer is unwilling to do

"the rebate for decoration companies to purchase decoration materials is mainly reflected in the decoration mode of contracting labor but not materials." Ms. Wu said that because most owners are not good at choosing decoration materials, they will bring the decoration company with them when purchasing materials for reference. This gives the decoration company a chance to take kickbacks, because the purchase of materials is often based on the words of the decoration company, which is the reason why the material merchants are not willing to offend the decoration company

but why do owners give rebates for materials purchased? Ms. Wu said that many decoration companies will find fault and make things difficult if they don't get rebates. For example, in case of decoration problems, the reason is to blame the quality of decoration materials, or in the process of transportation, if they don't pay attention to safety and cause material damage, they have to make up for it by themselves. Therefore, the material supplier would rather deliver goods to the door, even if it pays an extra expense, it is not willing to be delivered to the door by the decoration company

industry personage: reduce the exposure of decoration companies to the purchase of materials

"this is a very common thing, which can also be said to be the hidden rule of the industry. The rebate space is generally 20% to 30% Mr. Wu, the person in charge of a decoration company, said that for general decoration projects, the Contractor's profit is about 30%. If it is contracting labor and materials, the contractor will try to reduce the price of materials according to the owner's requirements. After all, the cost of labor is certain in the market, and the advantage lies in the purchase of materials; If the contractor contracts labor but not materials, the benefits obtained by the contractor when purchasing materials will be affected to a certain extent, so the income will be increased by raising labor costs

Mr. Wu believes that material suppliers can only insist on door-to-door delivery to avoid being paid kickbacks by decoration companies, because they don't know who the material supplier is, and the kickbacks can naturally be omitted

for the owner, the biggest wish is to achieve the best decoration effect with the least money. Mr. Wu believes that the effective way to save decoration costs is, on the one hand, to insist on purchasing materials by themselves and not allow decoration companies to intervene in the purchase of materials. However, it is difficult to achieve this step completely in reality. After all, the styles and varieties of decoration materials on the market are diverse, and the quality is also uneven. If you buy decoration materials with guaranteed quality, you must sometimes listen to the opinions of the decoration company, and the way to alleviate the contradiction between these two aspects can only be that the main large amount of decoration materials are purchased by the owners themselves, and the small pieces of decoration materials can be freely purchased by the contractors. (

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