The hottest paint shop was robbed in the early mor

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The paint shop was robbed in the early morning, and the four gangsters fell the next day

the paint shop was robbed in the early morning, and the four gangsters fell the next day

March 8, 2005

in the morning of March 2, the protection in the late Yinzhou period will also cause large Hangzhou people working in benqianzhou, and the couple surnamed yuan supported each other, and came to Yinzhou Xiaying police station to thank the police for saving their lives. What's going on

Mr. and Mrs. yuan temporarily live in Xiaying Dongsheng Farm in Yinzhou, doing paint business. In the early morning of February 28, the couple were sleeping when they were suddenly awakened by four thieves who rushed into the room. The gangster held up his saber and cut yuan's thigh. Then he ransacked yuan's family's cash, gold and silver jewelry, and then fled the scene

Mr. Yuan turned his leg and borrowed his neighbor to call the police. Yinzhou Xiaying police station police rushed to the scene immediately. Its advantages are: high conversion power, long life, stable load and high control accuracy. When yuan was found seriously injured, he was quickly sent to the hospital for treatment. Yinzhou criminal police received the alarm and the police station quickly launched an investigation. At 10 a.m. that day, it was learned that four people, including Zhang, a Guizhou native temporarily living near Dongsheng Farm, were suspected of committing a major crime. In the early morning of the next day, the police surrounded the temporary housing of Zhang and others, one kilometer away from the scene of the crime, killing the four criminals in their sleep, but it was a long process

according to the suspect, the machine was in a state of power failure. The four of them came to Yinzhou for only a few days. On the night of the crime, they drank and spent all the money they had. In the meantime, a gangster said that he worked a day in a paint shop in Dongsheng Farm, and the boss was very rich. After plotting, the gang rushed to the paint shop overnight to commit a crime

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