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Agilent technology added five agents to consolidate the Chinese market

Agilent technology announced that it would add five agents in China to sell its handheld series products, aiming to expand the company's service capacity and better meet the growth of market demand, so as to consolidate its leading position in the Chinese market

these five companies are Shaanxi Chuanggao Electronics Co., Ltd., Beijing Jinlong Yiyang Technology Development Co., Ltd., Hefei Huilian Electronics Co., Ltd., Chengdu Nanfang Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Yunfan Xingye Technology Co., Ltd. they will be responsible for Agilent handheld digital multimeter series (u1241a/u1242a, u1251a/u1252a, u1253a), handheld oscilloscope series (u1602a, u1604a) Sales and service support of handheld LCR meter series (u1701a, u1731a/u1732a) and handheld multifunctional calibrator (u1401a) in their respective regions

technology, of course, did not comply with their recommendations. At present, more and more field engineers and technicians are eager for measuring instruments to be easily carried to the installation and maintenance site. To meet this need, the instrument must include three key features: portability, accuracy, and good quality and low price. Agilent is a pioneer of economical instruments, committed to providing high-value testing equipment for these important fields. Agilent named these products "industrial electronic tools (IET products)", covering handheld digital multimeter, handheld digital oscilloscope/Ammeter, handheld capacitance meter, handheld LCR bridge meter, handheld multifunctional process calibrator/ammeter

Mr. Wu Zhenyu, Iet product channel manager in North Asia of Agilent technology electronic instrument measurement division, said: "The actual market application covers the needs of all kinds of on-site equipment operation, maintenance, overhaul and regular calibration related instruments and meters in factories in the industry. Universities and scientific research institutions need to give consideration to the portability of instruments and meters and the cost of funds without sacrificing the required performance indicators to provide a complete cost-effective solution". The industry has made high comments on this: the Agilent u1600a series oscilloscope was selected as the product of the year by the readers of Elektronik magazine, while the Agilent u1250a series digital multimeter directly converts carbon dioxide or methane into a green substrate, and was selected as one of the 100 popular products of EDN and the most valuable portable test equipment of analogzone

Mr. Chen Li, North Asia channel manager of Agilent technology electronic instrument measurement division, said: "Channel is also our core competitiveness. Opening the oil return valve makes the piston fall back. If a manufacturer wants to achieve sustainable growth in a certain market, it must form a good strategic partnership with local agents, not just a relationship of commercial interests. This increase in the number of agents will enable us to provide customers with the most direct, fastest, most professional and most comprehensive technical promotion, technical training, program support and sales." After service and product information feedback and other services. "

Chen Li also pointed out that the impact of the global financial crisis on the measurement field is obvious, but Agilent still achieved good performance. He stressed that no matter how the macroeconomic environment changes, Agilent, as a leader in the global measurement field, will abide by its commitments, continue to invest and innovate, so as to ensure the interests of partners and customers

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