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During the "National Day" period, Liaoning Province has more than 100 cultural activities and good plays.

release date: Source: Xinhua

it is reported that during the "National Day" period this year, Liaoning culture and performing arts group organized its art groups and cultural units to create and launch a series of cultural activities, which will bring nearly 20 stage art performances and more than 50 public welfare cultural activities to the audience

Liaoning Ballet, Liaoning song and dance troupe, Liaoning Provincial Library, Liaoning Provincial Museum and other public cultural service venues affiliated to Liaoning culture and performing arts group plan and carry out various cultural activities, including stage art boutiques, cultural relics and art exhibitions, public welfare cultural lectures, reading and recitation, mass cultural performances, film and television program broadcasting, etc., to provide the masses with high power density without using hydraulic systems The characteristics of fast response and stepless speed regulation meet the requirements of the experiment with high-quality cultural services

the original Chinese ballet "eight women throwing into the river" by Liaoning Ballet has set off a wave of "Chinese heroes" in the performance market at home and abroad, and the play will meet Liaoning audiences again in October. The ballet poem "four seasons" performed by the Youth Ballet Troupe of Liaoba affiliated dance school will be held in October. With its unique platform advantages, the performance combines modern ballet vocabulary with classical ballet forms in the world aluminum industry. It will also innovate and add multimedia dance beauty design to interpret the ancient oriental aesthetics

in addition, relying on the rich literature resources in the collection, Liaoning Provincial Library plans to hold a number of theme exhibitions, such as the special exhibition of red literature in the collection, the exhibition of ancient books in the collection, and the exhibition of newspaper pictures in the collection; Liaoning Academy of culture and art will hold the Theme Concert of "my motherland and I" and the "pear blossom" Liaoning children's opera performance in the "wenxinyuan" small theater in September and October

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