More than 100 street lamps illuminate the way home

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More than 100 street lights illuminate the way home


learned from the bungalow regional office that recently, the capacity utilization rate of pingdachang has significantly increased. Six roads, including the west side of Gome Jiayuan primary school and Gome catering street, have completed the installation of more than 100 street lights, ending the state of "there is a road without a light"

around 6 p.m., the sky has darkened. Walking on the east side of Runfeng school in the bungalow area, the warm white light illuminates the road. Ms. Jin, who lives in Huafang Yicheng, leads her son's hand on the way home. "More than a month ago, this was a road without street lights at night. Sometimes it was dark when I picked up my son, so I used the flashlight function to light it, and sometimes I just detoured. Now this road is finally lit in all countries, and now we can go home at night!"

on the East Road of Runfeng school, we can see that a row of street lamps are newly installed on the east side of the road. The newly installed street lamps are about 3 meters high and covered with solar panels. Compared with ordinary street lamps we usually see, the brightness is smaller, the diameter of the lamp column is thinner and the height is relatively low. There is no overhead power line nearby, and there is no trace of excavation on the ground. Every dozen steps, there is a street lamp, which can basically see the road conditions. It is learned that the street lamp installed this time is a direct buried integrated LED solar street lamp, which is buried and used immediately. After installation, the lighting can break automatically, as shown in Figure 2. One street lamp is set at about 30 meters. At the same time, according to different road widths, lamp poles with a height of 3.5 ~ 4.5 meters are used respectively. The brightness meets the average illumination standard of secondary and branch roads, which can meet the basic lighting conditions for residents to travel at night

it is not only the east side road of Runfeng school that is lit at night. By the end of 2018, the bungalow regional office has completed the installation of more than 100 road lights on the west side of Gome catering street, the west side of Gome Jiayuan primary school, the south side of Gome Jiayuan community, the east side of Runfeng school, the west side of Runfeng Shuishang road and the surrounding roads of Carrefour. These solar street lamps are for temporary use and will be gradually replaced with permanent street lamps in the later stage. Residents who return late will no longer have to walk at night in the dark

the relevant person in charge of the bungalow area said: "these unlit roads were determined after daily patrol work, receiving some complaints from the masses, and reporting to the Beijing street lamp administration through the regional office. At present, these six roads will all be lit up, ending the collection process. From the mobilization s (maybe" seed ") of the given starting URL, there will be no lights on the roads, When residents travel at night, they will also have another safety guarantee. "

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