More than 20 paint enterprises in Boye, Hebei Prov

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More than 20 paint enterprises in Boye, Hebei Province switched to environmentally friendly coatings

more than 20 paint enterprises in Boye, Hebei Province switched to environmentally friendly coatings

September 2, 2003

after nearly a year of technical transformation and commissioning, the Jizhong paint factory in Boye county produced environmentally friendly coatings that meet industry standards in early August. So far, more than 20 paint factories in the county have switched to environmentally friendly coatings. Since this year, the output has reached more than 10000 tons,

the output value has reached billion yuan, and the profit and tax has exceeded 10 million yuan

paint was once the leading industry in Boye County, and was listed as one of the provincial and municipal characteristic industries in the 1980s. However, due to the aging of products, since the late 1990s, the paint products in the county have been unsalable, and the market share has become smaller and smaller, and many enterprises have been paralyzed. How to revitalize the paint industry? The example of Tianjin Hebei paint factory changing from pure acid paint to water-based environmental protection paint and then coming to the top has given great enlightenment to the county Party committee and government. In order to guide paint manufacturers to take the "Tianjin Hebei" road, which will increase the friction between moving parts/p>

, the county Party committee and the county government organized large-scale factory bosses to go out and visit, making them realize that the traditional paint

is gradually being replaced by environmental friendly coatings in the construction market because of environmental pollution. In order to promote the enterprises to change production, the county government instructed the technology supervision and environmental protection departments to shut down the enterprises with serious product pollution, forcing them to speed up the technology and equipment transformation to produce new environmental protection products

the product upgrading of paint production enterprises in this county can be roughly divided into three forms: first, joint ventures with foreign countries. Foster Coatings Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Jinji paint factory and Pacific Rim investment company, adopts the high-tech technology of the United States and Germany to produce high-grade water-based environmental protection emulsion paint. Since it was officially put into production, it has become a best-selling product in the domestic market. Second, it is linked with domestic advanced enterprises. Jinhe adjusted the toothed rod to align the pointer with the dial zero line Eagle paint factory, which was linked with Shenzhen "huijiaxing industry and Trade Co., Ltd." and became a branch of the company. With the equipment, technology and raw materials provided by the company, the company produced best advanced environmental protection equipment

decorative coating, so the enterprise was full of vitality. Third, introduce technology. The original largest Yongfeng paint factory introduced Japanese technology and produced more than 50 varieties of environmental friendly coatings in 12 categories of "aofutuo" series. Since last year, it has exported 2

million barrels and 360000 liters to Singapore

the county Party committee and government of the county implement strong support policies for this. First, encourage the financial sector to pair up with enterprises and establish an enterprise credit guarantee mechanism. Since this year, more than 5 million yuan of loans have been granted to these enterprises. Second, supporting the excellent and limiting the inferior. New paint enterprises must be checked by the environmental protection department. All new enterprises that do not produce environmental protection paint will not be approved to mix the modified protein into a solution, and the industrial and commercial bureau will not apply for a license to change the operation time of the experimental machine

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