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More than 160 streetlights on the 4km national highway have been "blind" for three years, and many departments have responded that they are not under their control.

Jinniu logistics industry cluster in Shihe District, Xinyang City, from Shilihe overpass to jin5 in the north, the gap between mixing blades and mixing materials and the side wall, niudabie mountain fruit and vegetable wholesale market, with a total length of about 4km, has more than 160 streetlights on this section. According to the surrounding merchants, these streetlights have only been on for half a month at the beginning of installation, Since then, it has not been lit for about 3 years. □ Oriental today's news · mammoth Zhang Jijun Zhang Liang

[visit] merchants on both sides of the 4km National Highway said that the street lights did not light up

recently, citizens reported that the street lights on the section from the intersection of national highway 107 and national highway 312 in Shihe district to the Dabie Mountain fruit and vegetable wholesale market have not been lit for several years. I hope the media will report it to solve the problem of inconvenient travel at night for residents along the line

on October 29, I visited the roadside auto repair shops and canteens at the Shilihe overpass in Xinyang City (the intersection of national highway 312 and national highway 107). According to the person in charge of FAW repair shop, there is really no lighting at night from the Shilihe overpass to the fruit and vegetable wholesale market in the north. Therefore, large trucks that go to the roadside for maintenance often hang various cables on the roadside

"our side is close to Jinniu international community. At night, there are lights at their gate, which can also play a lighting role, but the lights on the national highway are not on." Another person in charge of the snack bar said. In a hardware store near the Dabie fruit and vegetable wholesale market, the female shopkeeper said that these street lights had been on for half a month at the beginning of installation, and had not been on again for twoorthree years since then

"the street light on the national highway? I haven't seen it on." Said a security guard at the Dabie fruit and vegetable wholesale market. During the visit, I probably counted that there were more than 160 street lights on the 4-kilometer road from Shilihe overpass to Jinniu Dabie Mountain fruit and vegetable wholesale market

at more than 7 p.m. that night, a short video sent by the residents of this section showed that both sides of the road were dark, and the high beam lights of large trucks driving between them were very dazzling. "Such a road is too dangerous. The high beam lights make people unable to open their eyes." The resident said

[survey] many departments responded that the deviation should not exceed 1/4 of the minimum graduation value. This section of street lamps is not under their own control

on October 30, they successively consulted Xinyang Transportation Bureau, municipal administration office and Shihe District Jinniu logistics industry cluster

the staff of Xinyang Transportation Bureau said that the city administration was responsible for the national road lights in this section

according to Yu Yuhai, deputy director of the Municipal Administration Office under Xinyang Urban Administration Bureau, the street lamps in the north of Shilihe overpass may be under the jurisdiction of Jinniu logistics industry cluster, and the municipal administration office is responsible for the street lamps in the south of the overpass

then, he called Li Lei, the executive deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Jinniu logistics industry cluster in Shihe District, on the above-mentioned street lights. Li Lei said that this section of the road is a national highway, and the street lights on the national highway should be managed by the transportation department. He will reply after the specific situation is implemented. At 3 p.m. that day, Li Lei was contacted again, and the reply was that he was in a meeting. Tell me what I want to know by text message, but I haven't received any reply as of press time

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set up a 2billion yuan big data industry development fund

this time, the implementation opinions From the layout, enterprise support, people 1, price -- the main factors affecting the price are: force sensor, material pipe clamp, body and the transmission function of tension machine, etc. In terms of industrial layout, support the construction and development of the National Supercomputing Zhengzhou center, and actively expand the application of supercomputing in new smart cities, geographic information mapping, precision medicine, artificial intelligence and industrial big data analysis

under the National Central City Industrial Development Fund Management Framework system, Zhengzhou big data Industrial Development Fund of 2billion yuan was established for the first time. For the venture capital and industrial investment funds registered in Zhengzhou that invest in big data enterprises, priority should be given to the scope of fund support for the construction of national central cities

"implementation opinions" also proposed that 10 excellent big data enterprises with outstanding performance in technology innovation, model innovation and other aspects will be selected every year, and each enterprise will be awarded 500000 yuan. The company was selected as one of the top 100 enterprises with comprehensive competitiveness in software and information technology services in China in the year, and was given a capital reward of 2million yuan

big data enterprises will be awarded 10million yuan for their initial public offering on the science and Innovation Board

specifically, what kind of support can big data enterprises get? The implementation opinions clearly stipulates that 50% of the rental fees will be awarded to big data enterprises for their own broadband, cloud services and data center resource leasing, and the total annual award and subsidy of a single enterprise will not exceed 5million yuan; For the self use office space rented by big data enterprises, the rent of less than 500 square meters will be given full reward and subsidy support, and the part of more than 500 square meters to less than 3000 square meters will be given 50% rent reward and subsidy support; For self use office buildings newly purchased and built by big data enterprises, a one-time financial support of 1000 yuan per square meter with a total amount of no more than 10million yuan will be given according to the construction area

in addition, Zhengzhou will provide one-time financial support of 500000 yuan, 1million yuan and 2million yuan respectively for big data enterprises with annual main business income exceeding 100million yuan, 500million yuan and 1billion yuan for the first time

for the initial public offering of shares on the science and Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, a total of 10million yuan will be awarded; Big data enterprises listed on the main board of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, small and medium-sized board, gem and overseas exchanges will be awarded a total of 8million yuan; Those listed on the new third board will be rewarded with 1million yuan; Those listed in the regional equity exchange market will be given a reward of 100000 yuan

qualified big data talents can receive a reward of 100000 yuan per person

the implementation opinions supports big data enterprises to cooperate with well-known colleges and universities at home and abroad to establish R & D institutions, and provides a one-time financial support of 5million yuan and 1million yuan to newly recognized national and provincial big data R & D institutions. The newly recognized national and provincial big data major projects and demonstration application projects will be given financial support of 500000 yuan and 300000 yuan respectively; Enterprises that invest more than 30million yuan and newly introduce the construction of national big data platform will be rewarded with an investment of 10% and a total amount of no more than 10million yuan

big data enterprises are encouraged to apply for invention patents at home and abroad. If the enterprise is authorized by the national invention patent, a reward of 4000 yuan per piece will be given; For those who have obtained the authorization of foreign invention patents, a reward of 30000 yuan per piece will be given

in terms of talent training, the newly trained big data top talents and national leading talents will be rewarded with 1million yuan and 500000 yuan respectively. We will provide a one-time financial support of 100000 yuan per person for the introduction of senior technical and management talents from well-known big data enterprises and scientific research institutions at home and abroad


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