How to avoid frequent blockage of pressure filter

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How to avoid frequent blockage of pressure filter

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we often hear the production site reflect that "the filter is blocked". The clogged filter means that the filter has reached 100% load, and the flow of the filter can no longer meet the needs of the process flow. If the filter is blocked too often, the filtration process will often meet the powder material interruption. The following introduces the causes of clogging of pressure filter, the measures to avoid clogging and the treatment methods of frequent clogging of filter

why is the pressure filter blocked

the filtration capacity of pressure filters is limited, and they can only collect and filter out suspended solids within a certain period of time. If the upper limit of its filtration capacity is frequently reached, measures must be taken to extend the interval when the filter reaches full load and is blocked, which seriously destroys the physical current structure and insulation performance of the insulation material. There are two common reasons for filter blockage. First, the process flow may be unstable and solid particles increase or increase; Secondly, there may be changes in the process flow, or the installation position of filtration equipment in the process flow is unreasonable

basic measures to avoid filter blockage

avoid sudden changes in process flow. Any rapid change in the process may change the composition of the solid particles to be filtered. Reasonable analysis and calculation are required before any process change

perform a mass balance test before installing a new pressure filter. Simple mass balance calculation can help judge whether the pressure filter will have problems after installation. Calculate the PPM value of the liquid flow and the solid content of the incoming liquid, and then send the sample to the laboratory to determine the particle size distribution. From the above information, we can determine the approximate range of suspended solids that can be removed by the filter and the accuracy of the filter element to be selected

if the pressure filter uses the automatic back cleaning function, the more experienced method is to ensure that the frequency of back cleaning of the system per hour is not more than once. More than once per hour may indicate that the filter type is inappropriate. It is reasonable to backwash every 12 hours or more

some processes use manual filters. The operator must manually close the inlet and outlet valves and conduct offline cleaning. If the manual cleaning interval is less than 8 hours, the filter may not be suitable

how much do you know about the software function of pressure filter tensile testing machine? What about frequent congestion

when the pressure filter is frequently blocked, there are three solutions to be considered. In scheme 1, it is considered to install other filters upstream to reduce the suspended solids entering the pressure filter. Scheme 2: increase the filter area of this filter, including increasing the number of filter elements and increasing the filter size. Scheme 3: try to reduce the filtration accuracy requirements of the filter element or filter when the on-site process allows

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