How to become a mature exhibitor

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How to become a mature exhibitor

according to the research indicators such as the number of exhibitors, exhibition effect, exhibition satisfaction, exhibition experience, exhibition and marketing strategies and methods, exhibitors are divided into three categories: rational, emotional and mature

a mature exhibitor is a person who really understands the value of the exhibition, is a person who has the ability to establish a harmonious cooperative relationship with the exhibition, knows that the professional commitment of the brand exhibition is trustworthy, and takes care of the exhibition he chooses as a priceless treasure

every mature exhibitor knows that compared with other enterprise marketing tools such as advertising, the exhibition can better achieve the basic enterprise marketing goals of attracting new customers, discovering potential customers, saving costs, saving time and so on. Therefore, the exhibition is called the most effective marketing tool for enterprises. International exhibitors include their participation in well-known exhibitions in the enterprise's strategic marketing, formulate an exhibition plan one year in advance in the enterprise's marketing plan, and put forward the enterprise's exhibition marketing plan according to the exhibition operation rules and relevant regulations in combination with the enterprise's sales plan. This plan is an important part of the enterprise's overall marketing mix. However, not all enterprises know how to use this tool perfectly

there are various exhibitions held all over the world every day. Which exhibition is your first choice?

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? Why should our enterprises participate in these exhibitions? Every day we receive countless invitations to exhibitions, but which exhibitions are worth attending? Our research shows that mature exhibitors generally have a very accurate positioning for participating in the exhibition: the fundamental purpose of participating in the exhibition is to sell, and their participation goals may be various

according to a survey conducted by the German Trade Exhibition and exposition Commission (AUMA), the progress of plastic granulator technology is closely related to the development of the whole national economy. The objectives of enterprises participating in the exhibition can be divided into: basic objectives, product objectives, price objectives, publicity objectives and sales objectives

for example, IFO, a famous German research institution, once conducted a special survey on the "enterprise exhibition objectives" of Bauma, the world's largest mechanical engineering equipment exhibition held by Munich exhibition company, one of the world's transnational exhibition groups. The results show that among its exhibition objectives, 85% are to improve the popularity of enterprises, 70% are to close old customers and meet new customers, and 63% of the market share of products promoted through exhibitions, Introduce new products by 60%, enhance product popularity by 58%, exchange information by 50%, discover customer needs by 50%, influence customer decisions by 33%, and finally sign sales contracts by only 29%

it can be seen that for mature exhibitors, they know that although the fundamental purpose of participating in the exhibition is to improve the product sales rate, obtain orders and expand market share, they know that the influence of enterprises as an organization is greater than the power of any product, and the exhibition, as a neutral Bridge connecting customers and the market, has the most influence on professional visitors except product performance and price, What is more critical is the strength of the enterprise. The so-called enterprise strength can be understood as a kind of market guarantee ability for product supply and marketing and the executive ability to provide services, that is, the excellent reputation of the enterprise formed on the basis of the strong strength of the enterprise. Its manifestation in the exhibition is to show the enterprise image and improve the popularity of the enterprise, which is a basic exhibition feature for the world's top 500 enterprises. Therefore, the standard target mode of almost large-scale mature exhibitors can be summarized as: focusing on "displaying corporate image" and "promoting innovative products" at well-known exhibitions

recognition of the five values of the exhibition

the reason why mature exhibitors can have the ability of accurate positioning of enterprises' participation is that they have almost the same values for the value of the exhibition. Through investigation and research, we found that enterprises' recognition of the value of the exhibition is mainly concentrated in "information dissemination value", "third-party certification value", "experience value", "concept value" "Spiritual leader value" and other five aspects

the so-called information dissemination value of the exhibition will reach more than 100billion yuan in 2020, which means that the exhibition of connecting oil routes has the characteristics of rapid response, high efficiency and high-quality efficient dissemination of market information. A well-known exhibition is actually an industry annual meeting. All links from the industry association to the industry chain are gathered in one time and space, which is the arrival of the tide of industry information and the peak moment of massive industry information. It is not difficult for us to find that one of the main signs of the world's first-class brand exhibitions is that they can gather the most influential media in the industry. Most exhibitions have market policy conferences and industry market macro trend analysis and special forums. More than 50% of enterprises will release the latest product information to target consumer groups through the exhibition. Therefore, information dissemination is the most basic value of the exhibition, Any enterprise participating in the exhibition knows this truth

with regard to the "value of third-party certification", the current understanding of domestic enterprises is not very profound. The author puts forward a view in his treatise on China's exhibition economy and exhibition industry in the 21st century that exhibition is a phased product of the development of market economy. By analyzing the historical reasons for the emergence of exhibition, we can know that exhibition is actually a fair trading market and a specific place for enterprises to conduct business transactions, Its position is a neutral third party, and its certification of exhibition products is equivalent to third-party certification, which has a certain degree of objective authority. A simple example is the Moutai liquor in Guizhou, which was named "state banquet liquor" by Premier Zhou Enlai in the 1970s to entertain us secretary of state Nixon, because Guizhou Moutai factory was selected as the gold medal during the Panama world expo in San Francisco in 1915, Therefore, the evaluation and certification of products at the exhibition has become one of the main purposes of enterprise marketing

the "experience value" of the exhibition is reflected in the popularity gathering function of the exhibition. Due to the direct participation and experience of the exhibition, an exhibition often becomes a profound and unforgettable experience. As an industry event, the exhibition can gather people from all walks of life in an exhibition venue in just 3 to 5 days. Everyone can communicate equally, contact old customers, meet new customers, discover potential customers, spy on competitors, and observe new products. All activities are based on personal experience of mobilizing five senses and equal communication with others, It has become the first-hand data basis for enterprise decision-makers to comprehensively analyze all kinds of information. Such experience value is unique, timely and forward-looking. It is one of the most important irreplaceable characteristics that the exhibition, as a marketing tool, is different from other marketing methods

then, what is the fourth value of the exhibition - "conceptual value"? This is a value that is difficult for many exhibitors to understand, but most mature exhibitors generally have their own unique understanding of it. Throughout the world, all well-known mechanical and electrical brand exhibitions are advocating and spreading an idea that can affect consumer behavior, which may detonate popularity in the consumer market and cause a revolution in the mode of production in the means of production market, just like people have their own "soul". This is because the consumption concept is a huge consumption power. For example, Hannover Industrial Expo is a strong experience that can bring visitors a strong experience and make visitors form a "polarization" and "magnetization" effect in their hearts. If this effect is strong enough, it will be solidified into a "concept". As long as our enterprise participates in this exhibition, it is enough to show that our enterprise is closely following the pace of the consumer market and has the ability to "compete with competitors" in this industry

the last value of the exhibition is "spiritual value". Mature exhibitors know how to use this value of the exhibition to influence their own consumer groups and compete with competitors, because the highest realm of the exhibition is to become a "spiritual leader" of consumer groups. An exhibition that reaches the realm of spiritual leader is to become the appraiser and guardian of a certain lifestyle according to a set of clear values that have been set. Through the holding of the exhibition and a variety of related activities, it will bring people's understanding of the concepts advocated, and "create" a universal value concept or value belief platform for the majority of exhibitors, thus bringing huge commercial effects. For example, the lighting exhibition in Frankfurt, known as "Mecca of the world lighting industry", is the Holy Land pursued by the global lighting industry all its life and a barometer reflecting the latest trends and markets of the world lighting industry. Mature exhibitors are always proud and proud to participate in such exhibitions, which is not only the evidence of enterprise strength, but also the key is that such exhibitions give mature exhibitors a sense of spiritual belonging

mature through exhibition knowledge training

nowadays, most enterprises in China, especially private enterprises, have a strong awareness of participating in the exhibition. Unfortunately, there are not many truly mature exhibitors, especially in the aspect of overseas exhibition, Chinese enterprises often have insufficient understanding of how to conduct international exhibition, Limited exhibition ability, and insufficient exhibition skills, resulting in unsatisfactory exhibition results, It directly affects the marketing objectives of enterprises

mature exhibitors are more likely to get a sense of success and achieve the enterprise's participation goals and successfully complete the enterprise's marketing plan because they are in line with the selected exhibition in spirit and values. Most successful exhibitors must also have high participation quality and ability, be able to accurately judge the value of the exhibition, make wise and scientific participation decisions, and have clear participation purposes, The exhibition target positioning makes it one of the most popular high-performance engineering plastics today. It is very accurate, the exhibition effect is obvious, and the exhibition satisfaction is high. Relatively speaking, the awareness and behavior of the other two types of exhibitors can change their values and behavior patterns through training

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