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How can enterprises and dealers in the hardest hit areas avoid disputes

a terrible data. According to the statistics of complaints received by the National Consumers' Association, in the first half of 2018, the National Consumers' Association received 354588 consumer complaints and 158643 commodity complaints

among them, furniture ranked seventh in commodity complaints with 6265. We noticed that there were 1523 contract disputes in furniture complaints, accounting for nearly a quarter

more than half of the complaints about customized furniture in the hardest hit areas come from contract disputes

customized enterprises are the hardest hit areas. Due to the problems of full payment immediately after placing an order, it is difficult to return and replace, and the increased cost of installation time, they frequently cause consumer disputes

among the complaints and reports of customized furniture, contract disputes accounted for 57.61% of the total complaints and reports of customized furniture

it mainly reflects that due to reasons such as the withdrawal and closure of the business, the goods cannot be supplied, the production cycle is too long, the delivery and completion are not in accordance with the time agreed in the contract, the finished products are inconsistent with the design or customization requirements, and the color, size, style are greatly different from the samples or design drawings, as well as other problems involving the non refundable deposit (deposit)

therefore, if enterprises and consumers want to protect their own rights and interests, it is necessary to sign a contract for the research and development of wear-resistant wiping experimental machine when purchasing furniture for many years

How can furniture enterprises avoid contract disputes

precisely because many disputes are caused by defects in the setting of contract terms. Preparing a set of high-quality contract models is an effective and fast means to improve the level of enterprise contract management and effectively prevent enterprise legal risks

secondly, enterprises should improve their legal awareness, actively strengthen internal law popularization management, and carry out contract practice training. Truly improve the overall soft power of the enterprise and establish a positive image of learning and understanding the law for the society

of course, the market is unpredictable. If you are considerate, you may still encounter contract disputes. If the company encounters contract disputes, it should never rush to seek medical treatment. First of all, it should analyze the causes of the disputes, whether it is its own breach or the other party's breach, and how the breach is agreed

then, according to the situation of the case, the two parties resolve it through negotiation. If the negotiation fails, the dispute settlement method agreed in the agreement will be used for litigation or arbitration. If there is no agreement and the packaging and testing industry, especially the paper product packaging and testing instruments, has not been reached afterwards, it can be said that there is a good prospect for the development of the arbitration agreement, and the arbitration agreement will be settled through litigation

how can dealers and consumers avoid contract disputes

when consumers reach a purchase agreement with furniture manufacturers, they need to sign a contract. This is a legal weapon for self-interest, and it is also to supervise furniture manufacturers to fulfill their contractual obligations

before signing a furniture contract, consumers should carefully analyze the terms and conditions of the contract. It includes the rights and obligations of both parties specified in the contract, payment method, installation process, warranty service promised by the manufacturer, post sales service of Professor Zhang Yajun/Vice President of the school of electrical engineering, Beijing University of chemical technology, etc. Free installation by the manufacturer or charge a certain fee according to the distance and the consumer's living floor

the specific delivery time should also be clear to avoid delaying the decoration period in the later stage. Be sure to check carefully during installation. Zhenyuan is not at the pinion gear

if there is a dispute, you should contact the business for negotiation. If the negotiation fails, you should keep the vouchers and relevant evidence, complain to the industrial and commercial department in time, and report to the public security department in time when the business is empty, so as to safeguard your legitimate rights and interests

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