How to avoid motor insulation breakdown accident

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How to avoid motor insulation breakdown accident

I. the enthusiasm for developing new materials across the country is rising. The causes of machine insulation breakdown accidents:

1. Led by the distributed capacitance on the output line and distributed biomedical plastic nbsp; The resonance of high-performance materials with bright spots produces surge voltage, which is superimposed on the output voltage

2. The higher the switching frequency of transistors and IGBT, the longer the wiring, the higher the surge voltage generated. At the maximum, it can produce a surge voltage of more than 300Hz, which is twice the DC voltage generated by UHF fatigue testing machine

II. Solutions to motor insulation breakdown accident:

1. Use motors with high insulation strength

2. Add AC output reactor (impedance is 3%)

3. Add output inductance L, capacitance C and resistance R filter

4. If insulation problems exist, problems will occur in a short time

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