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Many security vulnerabilities in IOT software correspond to upper and lower yield points respectively. How to avoid them

recently, at the "Optics Valley integrated circuit chip and IP Design Summit Forum", chenzhikuan, global president and co CEO of Xinsi technology, introduced the latest concept of "software acceptance". The application of IOT is getting closer and closer to people's lives, and IOT security will be one of the most important issues in the future

the security of IOT is divided into two levels: hardware and software. After decades of development, people have basically formed a relatively perfect hardware backtracking mechanism, but there are many omissions in the quality and security of software. "Software acceptance" will play an important role in making up for shortcomings

"the development of integrated circuit industry cannot be separated from the pull of terminal application market. The industry generally believes that after computer, Internet and mobile Internet, IOT will be the main driver of the next wave of information industry." Chen Zhikuan pointed out in his speech

at present, the scale of IOT market is expanding, and technology and applications cover almost all industries, from automobiles, home appliances, wearables, to transportation, energy, industry 4.0. According to C insights, which can detect the wear resistance of metals, coatings, plate surfaces, coating materials, textiles, leather, rubber and other materials, the overall output value of IOT with the function of connection and sensing system in the world was about US $57.7 billion in 2015, with a year-on-year increase of 19%, and the scale is expected to reach US $103.6 billion by 2018

however, because IOT is widely used and closely connected with personal life, in the era of big data, IOT will generate a large amount of data information. How to maintain information security will become an important challenge facing the industry. With the development of the Internet of things, security issues will be everywhere

Chen Zhikuan said: "products in the connected world increasingly emphasize intelligence, such as autonomous driving, but we must recognize that safety is the first requirement for users. That is to say, although the ubiquitous Internet of things is essential, it is also crucial to protect the IOT system from intrusion."

then, how to maintain the security of IOT system? Chen Zhikuan said, "the foundation of IOT architecture is an embedded system that closely combines software and hardware. Generally speaking, hardware security is more guaranteed. In the development of electronic information industry for decades, people have basically formed a relatively perfect hardware backtracking mechanism. However, there are many omissions in the quality and security of software."

after the hardware is completed, the operating system and various software applications should be run on it. These are also vulnerable to hackers. The core program of iPhone app exceeds 10000 lines, and the core program running in an driverless car reaches 100million lines. These are the targets of hacker attacks

at the forum, Chen Zhikuan proposed the concept of "software signoff". "Signoff" means that when writing software, people often cannot predict the level of software, because each software has its own bugs, and software update is the process of constantly finding and solving bugs. So when people talk about the price when they launch software, there is no strict evaluation standard in the market. The significance of "acceptance" is to use a scientific method as a new graphene material. It is not just as simple as smart chips to evaluate the quality standard of software products. Otherwise, when these software are used in aircraft or cars, a small bug will cause a great serious event. "In the early stage of software development, safety issues are particularly important. Through" software acceptance ", we can ensure that the safety requirements are met in every process of the software development cycle." Chen Zhikuan said

Xinsi technology is the largest EDA supplier and the second largest IP supplier in the world. EDA tools and IP both focus on the hardware level. "With the highlighting of security issues at the IOT software level, Xinsi technology will make further efforts in software security and provide users with more complete solutions." Chen Zhikuan said

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